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  1. superseo

    Microsoft lays off journalists to replace them with AI

    the NYTimes is using Automated Journalism already so it's not just Microsoft . I think we going to see more media companies using it in the near future
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    [ METHOD] How To Generate Unlimited Unique & Readable Articles ( NEVER PAY FOR ARTICLES AGAIN )

    very nice method, will use it on my web2.0 sites
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    Looking for tool/plugin for bulk posting from text file to wordpress site

    I'm familiar with this autoblog that helped me a lot (but not in this case)
  4. superseo

    Looking for tool/plugin for bulk posting from text file to wordpress site

    what tools do you know and use that can help me , let's make a list of tools
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    Looking for tool/plugin for bulk posting from text file to wordpress site

    Hello I have a lot of txt files that I want to upload in bulk to my wordpress site in the text file you have the: Title Summary Keywords Article Body I'm looking for tool that can help me upload it to my wordpress site and schedule it's published time, if extra benefit that i'm looking is to...
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    [Journey] 100€ per day with reskinning apps!

    Good luck very interesting to know your way to promote the apps what course have you take? can you PM me their names and links? do you know any good mobile app marketing course?
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    Sport & Casino wordpress site, How to SEO it?

    Hi I plan to run new Sport comparison website based on wordpress and i'm looking for SEO Technics to run it and get ranked in google I also plan to run some media buy to the site, but I'm looking for SEO ways to get high rank on search engine quickly when this site will get some traffic i plan...
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    [Journey] Road To 2,000€/Month Making Android Apps

    so, what are you planning for this month? :)
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    20k/mo 2019. goal - Digital marketing agency and other magic

    good luck Will follow you :) and hope to learn from it
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    WhatsApp How "warm up" the new number

    I have several new phone numbers that i want to use on whatsapp what is your way to "warm them up" so whatsapp won't block them. my method is to add the number to whatsapp groups. start asking questions and getting answers. do you have any other method to share with us?
  11. superseo

    Whatsapp to contact potential customers ?

    don't use your own whatsapp account , if they block your number you wont be able to use whatsapp with your number again. buy another phone number and start using it , they can block you after 10 messages or less, it's part of Facebook, so don' t angry them :)
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    Whatsapp messenger Send Massive Bulk

    can you share it with us? your system/tools/method
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    Whatsapp messenger Send Massive Bulk

    Hey, I'm looking for tool to send massive messages to a list of users without been blocked by whatsapp are you familiar good tool that I can trust to do this job? can you share your experience with it , it's benefits and problems thanks
  14. superseo

    Secrets About the Android Market Google Does Not Want You To Know

    a lot of data to analyze, give some ideas of what to develop :) what about iOS, do you have any data on it too?
  15. superseo

    [Journey] Road To 2,000€/Month Making Android Apps

    Good luck with your journey. can you explain more about ASO, how you do it, what tools you use, are you add more languages or just English
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    Simple Guide to SEO for Forum Websites

    try to twitte every new post with relevant #hashtags , you can get a lot of traffic from twitter like to see more of your journey to success :)
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    Whatsapp bulk messages.

    Hay, Have you test it? very interesting to know
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    scrape facebook emails

    Hello @Affenmensch, have you found tool that give good results ? need it specially for Facebook audience and look a like also for Instagram followers that will be super thanks
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    auto blog tools

    Almost all content on the internet is copied if you create website about weight loss you write new content or you take few articles/website and create content from it? most of the time you search the internet and rewrite "new content" , with auto blogging it's the same I think that for new IM...
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    auto blog tools

    thanks I think this is what I was looking for