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  1. Nihilism

    Advice for Google Merchant Account Suspended: Misrepresentation?

    Tried to follow the few guides I found and I have most of the stuff needed but I keep getting suspended for misrepresentation. Anyone got advice or can help get me approved?
  2. Nihilism

    Don't give up

    I know this is super obvious. but to whoever needs to hear this, wherever you are in your journey, don't give up on yourself! I see so many discouraged people on this forum, mostly newbies but also some older members discouraged by no results, low money, shitty life situation, whatever you do...
  3. Nihilism

    Has anyone sold Lightroom Presets before?

    As the title suggests, recently got into this niche, does anyone have experience with this one?
  4. Nihilism

    Does anyone sell Lightroom Presets?

    If you do, what's your experience with this niche?
  5. Nihilism

    Anyone of the 'Prestige' theme for Shopify?

    Anyone got this theme?
  6. Nihilism

    What do you do to gather yourself?

    When you have a big loss, whether it's a loss of money, or loss of time on a project, what do you do to cut ties and gather your thoughts to move on? Personally, I try to a weekend off (hard for a workaholic), I have a few beers (optional, not really a drinker), cook a few steaks, and listen to...
  7. Nihilism

    Looking for AWESOME web designer

    I'm looking for a talented and experienced web designer to help me finish off my website. We've built it on Figma and coded it into some custom WordPress code, but the website is far from done. We need to develop a few sections and page types, I'm hoping that we can find a designer as talented...
  8. Nihilism

    Treating my CAT for SARS-CoV-2

    I don't mean to add to the drama surrounding current COVID as a topic, so please don't turn this thread into a pro/anti vax topic, this is rather a post describing my situation dealing with COVID for my cats, and I'd just want to bring to light out of intent of bringing awareness to something...
  9. Nihilism

    Designer/dev needed

    We've designed and implemented most of our website, however we're missing a lot of key elements, sections, and our funnel needs to be optimized. 1. On the home page, I need help completing the funnel, I'm looking to add/redo a few sections of the home page, and optimize it for conversion. 2...
  10. Nihilism

    Link building for SMM

    Looking for some link building on SMM site. I have experience with what works but I'm looking for someone with reliable and high quality connections.
  11. Nihilism

    SEO work for a few sites

    Looking for an SEO with some all-around experience and connections. I have a few websites that need some stuff done clean and efficiently. No need for 15+ years of experience, just know your stuff, be timely, and we'll bring you on. - Remove toxic links - Have good source of quality...
  12. Nihilism

    Looking for backlink cleanup + possible link building

    I'm looking for someone to help clean up backlinks to my websites. Nothing fancy, but experience is required.
  13. Nihilism

    Looking for all-around SEO for SMM site

    Looking to outsource some SEO work for an SMM site that's dropped in ranking. Please have some experience with SMM sites, and have some all-around knowledge about SEO too, not looking to hand-hold. Your work will have some on-page optimization, SEO content, and backlink audit, removing toxic...
  14. Nihilism

    WordPress Website Optimization: Mobile + Desktop UX

    Looking for someone to help me touch up my website, fix margins/padding, fine details, buttons, animations, making it pixel perfect for all users. Please have good WordPress knowledge, and be free to work hand in hand with me, not looking for this work to take days, it's pretty simple stuff, if...
  15. Nihilism

    Adult website

    Looking for someone experienced with setting up adult websites that are safe from DMCA, etc.
  16. Nihilism

    Looking for help building casino using Chainlink VRF

    Looking for someone with experience building casinos. I'm looking to build a Blackjack + Poker application using Chainlink VRF - I do have a designer on hand, but if you have experience with the process from A-Z we can still talk. Please don't...
  17. Nihilism

    Looking for all-around SEO guy

    I'm looking for an all-around SEO guy to hand off my SMM website. You'll be in charge of optimizing it technically, building backlinks and posting content on the website to rank it higher in the SERPs. We were once ranked 1 in a few dozen keywords, but a competitor stole my content and somehow...
  18. Nihilism

    Alternative for Mechabunny Top List

    I've been looking at Mechabunny's Top List script, ( - it's a bit clunky and kinda weak for $120. Does anyone have alternatives, or better, can someone build one of these for me? PS if this is in the wrong section please move it.
  19. Nihilism

    Moving from Shopify, will I lose 'all' my rankings?

    I'm finally departing the trashhole that is Shopify, however a lot of my link structures may be different on the new platform (PerfectPanel if you're wondering). 1. Will I lose Google rankings due to link structure changes? 2. If so, any way to mitigate it? 3. Should I add more content on the...
  20. Nihilism

    Improve my landing pages for more conversions

    I'm having some trouble with improving my conversion rates on one of my websites, I'm looking for someone not just to audit, but actually help me implement changes. The job needs a combination of conversion rate optimization, funnel building/improvement, maybe something about...