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  1. derago21

    [WTB] Amazon VCC Verification

    Hi there, Subject says it all. Please PM me your offers or skype me: Thanks!
  2. derago21

    [WTB] MS Azure Cloud Account

    Hi there, I'm looking forward to buy a Azure account. Please PM me or post below with your rates. Thank you!
  3. derago21

    Finally the world is getting cleaner, bravo bravo

    I hope you know what I mean \m/
  4. derago21

    Cheapest Youtube Views

    Folks can you please share some cheapest views panel. That charges maybe like $0.80 to $1 per 1k views or even lower. I'm okay with foreign sites too, like Chinese, Russian providers, etc., Thanks in advance.
  5. derago21

    Does any service provider sells VPS with Hyper V?

    Can someone please suggest me the cheapest VPS provider that will give us an option to set up a Hyper V in that server. This is not related to SEO, but for educational purposes like testing corporate software and stuff.
  6. derago21

    Need MS Azure trial account ($200 USD Credit)

    Please PM me with the cost for creating this account. Thanks!
  7. derago21

    Where to download royalty free music and sound effects?

    Can someone please guide me, which will be the best place to download free music and sound effects. I'm okay with a paid subscription too. Please advise. Thanks! P.S I did check audiohero which is a paid service, but I feel there will be good alternatives or some free service too.
  8. derago21

    Best online sites for 4K Movies in US?

    Please recommend me some sites that are really worth and I'm okay to spend $$ on a subscription as well (If it is reasonable). Thanks in advance.
  9. derago21

    Bitcoin hits 7400+

    Finally, after a long wait. But not really sure, if thats another bull trap!
  10. derago21

    Coinbase Prediction :: Easy Money

    Source: Initial Plan to list: Cardano (ADA) Basic Attention Token (BAT) Stellar Lumens (XLM) Zcash (ZEC) 0x (ZRX). What do you guys think will fall under the security tokens? Will this...
  11. derago21

    BTC free fall happening now

    Are you guys ready to buy this dip!!! $6k is near.
  12. derago21

    [WTB] BTT Account

    Please ping me me if you have BTT member or full member accounts with the cost. Thanks Mods: Please remove this thread, if I shouldn't be posting this here.
  13. derago21

    XRB is now NANO

    Title says it all, I believe this might be listed in Binance in the next two weeks. #ToTheMoon
  14. derago21

    Binance is crashing my G74Sx

    I know I have super duper WS here, But whenever I have 4-5 exchanges opened at the same time. Binance simple shoots up my CPU usage by 20% in turn affecting the performance. This is some crazy stuff!!! Anyone experiencing the same?
  15. derago21

    XVG - Wraith Protocol Released - Spiking High

    Saw the note on Twitter, already seeing great spikes in Binance. Buy it before Europe/US wakes up, expecting a 0.70 to $1 rise. Disclaimer: Do trust, But please verify because Investments on Crypto are subjected to market risks!
  16. derago21

    Youtube - Adsense Approval

    Hi, Can someone please explain me, if the approval is straightforward (Create an account, apply for Adsense) or should I make videos first and get XXXXX number of views and they apply for approval? Please share your thoughts and what is the approval rate? Thanks in Advance
  17. derago21

    Top 5 Investments for Crypto in 2018?

    After doing some groundwork, I have already invested on the following, 1. Ripple 2. DeepOnion 3. Tron 4. Stellar 5. Cardano apart from these, my long-term investments are with BTC, ETH, and LTC. What will be your Best 5, Please share your thoughts?
  18. derago21

    was anyone lucky with FRC?

    1500% rise xD this is a crazy spike!
  19. derago21

    Bittrex registration closed for a long time?

    Any idea, when they will open up again?
  20. derago21

    [Need] SEMRUSH 30 Days Trial Account

    Hi, Title say it all, If you can make it. Please reach out to me on Skype: Cost: 5$