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  1. cycoshas

    Weapons Blog

    Hello, I started a weapons blog before 3 months. Right now I have 18 posts published on it. And good news I am getting good organic traffic(US Audience) on it. I want to make money by affiliate way but don't know how to monetize?? Can anyone share the best way to monetize the weapons blog?
  2. cycoshas

    Expired Domain

    Just received one deal for buying 51 DA expired domain. Domain - backlink from Engadget, Pcmag , wiki , IGN , venturebeat and many more. Can anyone suggest, what will be the worth of this domain?, seller asking 250$ for this,
  3. cycoshas

    Backlink from 97DA website !!

    Every day I received a mail, where he wants to sell me a service of getting a backlink from 97DA website. They claims its almost a permanent backlink from here is an example of an existing link to give you an idea...
  4. cycoshas

    Correct Way of executing 301 ?

    I am confused regarding how to do 301 redirections. I already buy 2 high authority expired domain before 6 months and simply forward it to my main site. But one of my colleagues told me that you have to create a single page on your expired domain like, and from that page...
  5. cycoshas

    Is Namejet Close new account ?

    before 9 days I create an account on name jet but they put in further approval review. Can anyone tell me the timing of the review process?
  6. cycoshas

    Alternative to Google News

    I just approve my website on google news & now I am looking for an alternative to gather more traffic. I just find out about Apple News & Bing News please suggest more alternatives
  7. cycoshas

    Expired Domain Advice

    I have purchased an expired domain - I need suggestions from you guys, what niche should I opt for this domain? Should I go for blogging niche or Affiliate? Please suggest
  8. cycoshas

    Can Erotic Content Blog make Money ?

    I just found an awesome expired domain for an Adult niche. if I will create a blog on Erotic content, I a sure I can easily get traffic. But I will not upload porn videos or pics. just content only !! is it beneficial ??
  9. cycoshas

    How to be get paid for selling backlink

    Hello I have 91 DA blog, its have 2.7k+ traffic according to ahrefs I want to sell backlink like contextual backlink, sponsored post, footer or sidebar link. I tried on freelancing account too but its a new account so got 2-3 orders only !! Is there any freelancing platform which is...
  10. cycoshas

    Expired Domain Advice

    Hello, One of the seller from Fiverr pitched me for selling expired domain !! Domain - Price - 100$ is it worthful ?? I want to start a low Competition niche blog
  11. cycoshas

    Any Ad-sense Expert ??

    Hello i have a website which have decent traffic and its ad-sense is like (check screenshot), still i making very low. Due to low click !! Can anyone suggest me best ??
  12. cycoshas

    Domain Backorder

    how i can filtered the list of pre-release or pending delete list of domain ?? list is about 70-80k .... how i can analyze this big list ?? any tool or any web ?
  13. cycoshas

    Domcop Pre-release Namejet

    I found a URL when i search on google - where pre-release domain exist (Not login) But after login i can't find these option not even in filter !!
  14. cycoshas

    Won 88 DA domain

    I just won 88DA domain by a auction - As its niche is Gif , So i am creating Gif Blog But main problem is about size of Gif, its really tough to find Gif below .5 mb And atleast 25 gif should be placed on single page, so size of page is become to large !! I already tried...
  15. cycoshas

    How to download Gif from Facebook

    Can anyone tell me how to download GIF from facebook as Gif extension in it there is a plugin Video&Gif downloader from Fb , but its download in video format only !! i want Gif extension movable file !!
  16. cycoshas

    How to know if an expired domain has been banned by Google

    I am looking for few expired domains and don't want to buy penalized domain. Even i don't have that much budget so i can buy expired domain expert like Nargil. Please suggest how i can check is expired domain is penalized by google ?
  17. cycoshas

    Need Affiliate Expert Help !!

    Hello i am getting regular traffic on Affiliate site !! And its Target Traffic from google. but still i am not able to get a single conversion. I am new to affiliate but trying very hard yo get some conversion, I don't know what i miss Need some Valuable Feedback !!
  18. cycoshas

    Free Backlinks

    Looking for Free backlinks from high Authority website's !! I have no budget to buy backlinks. Please Share your High Authority site, where i can earn backlink for my Website's, I am sharing here my sites 95 92 90...
  19. cycoshas

    Hosting Factor

    hello , I have 10-12 website on wordpress platform. all website getting moderate traffic 30k per month each. Can anyone tell me whats factor should i check for hosting account. i mean there are so many hidden factor like CPu usage , ram , etc Also what will be the bandwidth . Sorry if i sound...
  20. cycoshas

    Looking Hosting for wordpress

    hi i am looking to buy a hosting for my wordpress site. its a simple blog whose traffic is 30k per month. Earlier i am using dreamhost with 12 website but my website was hacked on regular basis apart from this its gove 500 error sometime. then i switch to Siteground & they says 8000000 cpu...