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    IPL starting today very excited!

    Royalpanda (UK based bookmaker and casino) but verification required i guess.
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    IPL starting today very excited!

    I have bet on MI
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    Thanks OP, purchased . .
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    And y exactly is that?
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    Hostwinds is the Worst...You're Better Off Staying Away

    I tried Hostwinds as soon as i saw BHW have association with them, Luckily i took basic plan and hosted a small wordpress site as trial and it was a shitty server, took lifetime to load everytime and down lot of times. Namecheap is far better.
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    hulu and netflix free

    Hulu please.
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    US Oil Prices @ Negative... WTF!?!?

    May future contract is running at 10$ so its a short term crisis. People interested can go long on future contracts are Call options, its a jackpot.
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    [First Journey] Adult Tubes Website

    Does namecheap shared hosting allow porn tube sites?
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    Spend 1$ and get 10k traffic from facebook.?

    This is nothing, few others like OP have banned themselves from BHW
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    Spend 1$ and get 10k traffic from facebook.?

    People who get 10k view for 1$ have spent 1000$ tweaking the settings in FB ads so they don't tell u for free especially for a bait.
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    Do you play poker?

    I play professionally on pokerstars. Cash games only.
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    how to rename a domain ?

    How can you expect that you can get any domain name in exchange? i have a domain called and i want to exchange it to, should i contact hosting site for that or google? Buy a new domain, backup the site , change primary domain in hosting and restore the site.