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  1. Stealth Kill

    BCdiploma-EvidenZ (BCDT)

    Sup bois, I'm banking hard on Crypto since January. Don't need to work for the next 5 years but this is not enough for me. I want to fully use this Bullrun to never work again for others. I'm spending like 4 hours a day reading trough different Crypto projects and their companies behind. Just...
  2. Stealth Kill

    Trying to find a Traffic Generator

    Hello, I remember that few years ago I found here a Tool dont remember if it was a Desktop Application or a Website. You could Put in a URL there which other users opened it automatically it was like 5 Seconds per website and you got some points for it. WIth this points you could put in your...
  3. Stealth Kill

    Online Fax Service

    Hi! I'm looking for an Online Fax service. I need to Send 1 Fax to America from Germany and Receive it. It's for the EIN (employer identification number) Do you know any cheap service which accepts paypal?
  4. Stealth Kill

    Bitcoin Trading at Coinbase?

    How does BTC Trading work at Coinbase? Do you buy from Coinbase and Sell back to them? Or Do you buy and sell to other traders. I wanted to start trading with 100$ and wanted to do it in Coinbase. Does someone have experience with it? Or would you recommend me another site?.
  5. Stealth Kill

    Efficent way to Grow IG Account?

    Hi, I started experimenting with IG. Using a Bot I'm following 400 people a day and the next day I'm unfollowing 400 People. After 4 Weeks testing I gained 507 followers with a followback ratio of 7%. Is this normal or do my stats suck? Do I unfollow too soon?
  6. Stealth Kill

    Fiverr Link in Bio

    I wanted to Promote my Fiverr gig in instagram Will my account get banned if I promote my Fiverr gig in my Bio? Should I create a Landing Page and redirect it to fiverr? I just started using instagram
  7. Stealth Kill

    Should I focus on making Games?

    Hi, for a very long time, I'm interested in making games. I made my own 2D game engine with a Particle-System, Light-System and many more features. Also made an easy to use editor to build games. Made everything myself in the past 2,5 years. Before starting making a game with my engine I...
  8. Stealth Kill

    Please Change the BHW Background Color

    I don't want to see how dirty my screen is. Thanks
  9. Stealth Kill

    Ogads Question

    Hi, Let's say I'm using the ogads locker as a rewards system, giving the user {x} points for downloading an app. How is that handled when a user downloads an app > uninstalls it and downloads it again? I just don't want problems for "bad traffic" if there is no protection to such actions.
  10. Stealth Kill

    How to Add a link in Bio without triggering PV

    Hello, I experienced that, everytime you add a shortened url in your instagram BIO you trigger the Phone Verification. I bought a bunch of PVA accounts so I can't verify them. Is there any trick to avoid this?
  11. Stealth Kill

    Is "" legit?

    Hi, I bought Instagram PVA accounts at "" and recognized that they have no field to type in email or anything. So I don't know if I will receive the accounts.
  12. Stealth Kill

    Should I drop my Website? Need advice

    Hi guys, I have a Giveaway website for the Gaming platform "Steam". I'm giving away there small items for popular Steam games and other users giving away stuff as well. The site is approved in Google-Adsense since October 2016 and generating about 2$ a day in average which is not much. I have...
  13. Stealth Kill

    My Journey to 20$/Day With Website + Adsense

    Hi, My name is Yunus, I'm from Germany and currently studying Computer Science. Since I was tiny, I was interested in Coding games. With the Knowledge which I acquired in the past years, I made my own 2D Game Engine, I worked on it since 2013. Last year I made a simple game using my engine...
  14. Stealth Kill

    Youtube Bot

    Hello, I'm looking for a good youtube bot for a fair price. Like commenting videos or sending private messages to users. I found Tubeassist via google but i dont know if it's good.
  15. Stealth Kill

    Need Tips Ranking My Website

    Hello guys! I'm running a website in the giveaway niche. I launched 2 months ago. In this 2 months I dropped from alexa rank 20million to 350k~ I checked some of my keywords in google and some 3 word phrases of my website are on page 1-2 But I'm new into all this and I don't really know how...
  16. Stealth Kill

    Which Ad network for a new Website

    Hello, I'm working on my new website it's about video games. Which Ad network can I use for a website which is very new and has no traffic YET. Thank you in advance. If you have more tipps I appreciate it.