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  1. abdel007

    1000 DM´s per day, what do i need for that?

    Are you able to send 70 dm per day from one account?
  2. abdel007

    Which sports are you best at?

    Toe Wrestling
  3. abdel007

    cpa journey 2021

    Following Good luck!
  4. abdel007

    Sell 10 premium domain name various niche DA from 27 to DA 44

    Can you please send me the list?
  5. abdel007

    New Google Voice, Gmail, Tiktok, Pinterest, Outlook, Quora, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Instagram Accounts sell

    I want to leave my review about the service, we tried to buy some specific social media accounts, but the seller was not able to deliver them due to the bad quality of those accounts, and said that those types of accounts may get disabled, and he needs to update his stock with better accounts...
  6. abdel007

    Instagram catching onto growth services?

    Ok, good luck with your better things :)
  7. abdel007

    Socialpire TikTok Bot - 3 Day Free Trial

    Interested in 3 day trial
  8. abdel007

    Instagram catching onto growth services?

    This was repeated millions of times about different social media networks in the last 15 years, and they are still saying. There will be always a game to be played, but those people can't see it. Good luck to all of us :)
  9. abdel007

    IG Mass DM Results

    Those DMs are sent via bulk accounts, you can not send all those DMs from only one account. One account may send up to 30 DM per day.
  10. abdel007

    Instagram catching onto growth services?

    Yeah, I agree the things are not as it was before 2019, and it will not be as it's now in 2050, but less competition = more money and easy to make if you know how to play the game :)
  11. abdel007

    My Journey To $3k Monthly With YouTube CPA

    Wish you good luck, keep us updated
  12. abdel007

    The Old Classic Youtube + Clickbank Journey

    Can you share the name of the app you are using to record your voice?
  13. abdel007

    How to exactly pass ‘Try Again Later’

    Yes, better to stop the account, avoid login to the account for 48 hours and try again.
  14. abdel007

    How to exactly pass ‘Try Again Later’

    Stop the account for a minimum of 48 hours and try again.
  15. abdel007

    Followliker still updating but 0 support

    What do you expect from one payment software? Social media networks are making a lot of updates every month, so you need to update and fix the bugs and need the developers to keep working, but if there is no money rolling in, they will not keep working for free or for a few bucks, and they need...
  16. abdel007

    How many 4g/res proxies needed for 50 youtube accounts?

    Try 12 accounts per proxy and see how it goes
  17. abdel007

    90 Days Challenge: Youtube, TikTok, Instagram + OGADS

    Great journey. Following
  18. abdel007


    Welcome to BHW
  19. abdel007

    Instagram deactivated account

    Contact Instagram by filling and sending the form below Keep applying and see if they will give back your account.