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  1. jsthsb

    Facebook just got transparent!

    Hi guys, Not sure if youve seen this, but you can now go to a FB page, in the left menu at the bottom it says Info and ads, and you can see all the ads that FB page is running and in which countries they are running!! Happy copying everybody!!
  2. jsthsb

    How to make the most impartial news service?

    Hi guys, Putting this in the lounge as its not really a money-making thread per se. My big passion is news and I'm always brainstorming on how to come up with a next level news service. I am wondering what the fine people of BHW think on how you could make a truly impartial news service. Would...
  3. jsthsb

    Some people need it more than me

    Hi all, Not sure if this would make any real contribution, but thought it would be worth sharing for those looking to make a few bucks. I have not gone and expand on this method, I've done 2 article posts so far and you could probably take it further. For me personally, it's not worth my time...
  4. jsthsb

    Mobile App Anonymous Data Collector

    Hi there, I've heard about data companies that pay app developers to include their data sdk in your app. They claim to monitor usability, user engagement, etc... and pay for this. Does anyone have experience with this? If yes, can you recommend a platform to use for this? Thanks! (not sure...
  5. jsthsb

    Hello from the tip of Africa

    Hi guys, gals, I am relatively new here. Have been watching and reading for a few days/weeks. I am very interested in all the software people are using, from Jarvee to RankerX, etc... I am interested in YouTube, Insta, Apps, LP's, etc... I do marketing for a living, especially digital...