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  1. SEOzack

    Twitter Bitcoin Hackers Found

    Looks like they managed to find the hackers who orchestrated the Twitter hack. looks like they are going to make a massive example of them as well. The US teen will get hammered. I am not sure the U.K. will allow the extradition of the other teen as the US is currently in a block to allow...
  2. SEOzack

    Youtube Algorithm Update

    Hey, guys. Youtube had an update around the 23rd, I did notice a few people saying they noticed some drops in viewer numbers. Has anyone been affected?
  3. SEOzack

    Try these Amazing new English words to propel your personal growth!

    Yes, that is right. Zack is here to treat you all to a Back Hat World special. Recently I have noticed many more people posting and replying to requests for review copies, and even more PMs. These are some scarce, unique English words which I think may help some of you guys get better...
  4. SEOzack

    Email capture software recommendations or links?

    Hi, All. I need to add an email capture with autoresponder to a very simple landing page. Ideally looking for something without limits or free if there are limits. What have you guys used or do you recommend? Again, just needs to integrate with a simple one-page website to capture email...
  5. SEOzack

    Looking for a graphic designer / illustrator

    Hey, guys and girls. I am looking for a graphic designer/illustrator for a small project. You will be taking real images and converting them into this type of picture. I will add this isn't a big-budget task. If you can do the work, I will order 10 - 20 images in one go.
  6. SEOzack

    The Canva Banklink Empire

    I found this an interesting read. Canva grew phenomenally and is still going strong. They concentrate heavily on SEO and have around 75+ people working in their SEO team. One of the major factors being the amount and quality of high DA/PA/TF links, linking back to the site...
  7. SEOzack

    4000 Hours| Geotargeted Views | Trustable Youtube Seller | Youtube

    Let's get to it. Most of you guys know me. I have been contributing to the forum for over a year. In that time I have had successful marketplace threads with the highlight being my content writing. What does that tell you? When I intend to do something, I do it right or I don't put my name on...
  8. SEOzack

    Google Ads Paid Difficulty?

    I am planning to beta test a new website through Google ads. I have a question for those of you with more experience in paid advertising. The paid difficulty search is one on Ubersuggest and SEMrush, yet it seems most keywords have a high difficulty when it comes to paid advertising. The...
  9. SEOzack

    They Just Won't Do The Work

    An interesting video. Mike Winnet is an entrepreneur from the UK. I believe he made his money in fitting windows (actual windows, none PC). He has been on LinkedIn a while and has taken it upon himself to call out entrepreneurs, or 'Contrepreneurs' as he calls them. I find some of his stuff...
  10. SEOzack

    Allintitle results and ranking factor?

    Hi, all. How many of you use allintitle results outside the scope of KGR keywords and have found success with them? I have found a keyword I want to go after, search volume is around 2-3k competition is medium, yet the allintitle result for the keyword returns 6 results. The keyword itself...
  11. SEOzack

    Group buy SEO tools?

    Hi. Any of you guys used any of these services? I am at a point where I am stepping up my game and I could use some more tools. Ideally, I would like to buy my own. However, right now I have other investments going on. Experiences and recommendations, please? Looking for tools like Ahrefs...
  12. SEOzack

    Looking for forum links or posts [Fitness Niche]

    Hit me up. Forum links, comment links, don't get at me if you do shit.
  13. SEOzack

    Multiple GMB locations for one website?

    Ok, you GMB guys and gals. I have a question. For a new site, I have created, I want to create some GMBs to push the authority and build leads. I want a GMB for every major city in the UK. Ideally three of four. The question is, can four different GMBs be created and linked to the same...
  14. SEOzack

    When Using a Silo Structure...

    Hi, All. OK, so for you guys who have sites that have multiple blog pages, which themes or plugins o you use? Right now I have site 2. Site 2 comes with three different topics I am covering. e.g. if it was a fitness site - Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep Those would be the three main categories...
  15. SEOzack

    Super article Vs Many articles?

    Hi, all. I have seen a post like this already this morning, I wanted to gather a few more opinions. On my new site, a grey area niche. I have seen one site in the top rankings. His articles combine multiple topics into one long article. For example, If his article was on apples he combined...
  16. SEOzack

    What do you wish you could be eating right now?

    As most of the world is in lockdown or quarantine a lot of our favourite take out food restaurants and cafes are closed. What, if you could, would you be eating right now? For me? Even though I have been a vegetarian for about 8 months now. There is a little chicken shop in Manchester which...
  17. SEOzack

    Newbie Looking To Make Money?

    Newbie Looking to make money? At one time, we were all starting out. Making a couple of dollars a day or even week can give you a whole heap of experience, a confidence boosts and a few bucks for a coffee. Heck, at one point that coffee made with my shallow riches was the highlight of my...
  18. SEOzack

    Do you have a Twitch account?

    Hi, all. I have started to do some streaming games plus general chat. Do any of you guys have a Twitch account? If so would you give me a follow? It helps me get my channel more recognized and a bit more growth! I think this is OK? @BassTrackerBoats My Twitch account is -...
  19. SEOzack

    Youtube Niche Research

    Hi, all. So, for articles and sites, I know how to do niche research. Youtube is a whole new beast, though. Does anyone have any preferred methods or tools to sniff out niches that are worth getting into for Youtube? Any insights or tips? Thanks! Zack
  20. SEOzack

    Zacks' Back On Track [Journal]

    What is up BHW? Can I get a woop, woop? No? Ok. I see some new faces here as well as the old and beautiful. Let me just take a moment to introduce myself, as a little reminder for myself and our newer members. I originally came to BHW to learn as much as I could about digital marketing...