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  1. Th3 Technician

    Are You an Early Riser or Night Owler?

    Biphasic sleeper. I catch both benefits and both timelines. Fits perfectly.
  2. Th3 Technician

    Need a VPS that Ignore DMCA

    From my experience it isn't maybe for regular shared hosting plans. But if you get a strongbolt one or dedicated they really don't care. For speed here is a recent speed test: [email protected]******:~# speedtest Retrieving configuration... Testing from Shinjiru Technology Sdn Bhd...
  3. Th3 Technician

    How you can make money with fast internet?

    If you mean by "unlimited" unlimited bandwidth i would setup a hosting service myself, cloud hosting or maybe even residential proxies.
  4. Th3 Technician

    Need a VPS that Ignore DMCA

    Shinjiru & OffshoreRacks. Never had a problem with them.
  5. Th3 Technician

    Where you will invest $10K today?

    Just FYI with such amounts (5-10k) you can make decent money investing in crypto short term too. (1 Day Chart)
  6. Th3 Technician

    Looking for a PHP Expert

    Reach me out on Skype , I can help.
  7. Th3 Technician

    JR Vip Membership price

    Yes, But it cost a yearly subscription i think 30$ of this moment plus mods have to review and accept it first.
  8. Th3 Technician

    Tracking Down A Wordpress Hacker

    Not at all. The version of the plugin/wp is saved in database and/or backend files. This is sort of a branding/advertising for the provider (also sometimes used in stats/research to see how many users use X version/cms) which actually oppose a security risk. For those who considering this to...
  9. Th3 Technician

    Tracking Down A Wordpress Hacker

    Beside the tips mentioned above such as changing default WordPress URLs, I would like to oppose some tips that aren't commonly known as a security engineer : 1- Remove/Hide "generator" meta tags such as : <meta name="generator" content="WordPress 5.2.5" /> <meta content="Divi v.3.25.3"...
  10. Th3 Technician

    Paypal stealing money - how is this legal?

    I have couple of theories. I think it's allowed because 1. You accepted the terms of service (and then violated it), 2. It's a virtual currency it's not an actual money, PayPal isn't a bank such as Payoneer. Think of your balance like a game credit. Also i think this money just goes straight...
  11. Th3 Technician

    Need PayPal VCC for instant Verification

    Sure, Send me a PM. it's a 24h one-time one. (MasterCard or Visa)
  12. Th3 Technician

    Best Bulk Mail SOFTWARE: Atomic Mail, Interspire, SendBlaster and more

    Both cases been resolved way long ago but haven't noticed replies since to ask about them removed.
  13. Th3 Technician

    email is sending but not recieving

    The file may contain sensitive info send it to me over PM.
  14. Th3 Technician

    Maleware again ?

    Check latest modified files from cPanel file manager specially wp-blog-header.php there might be a code overwriting the HTML pages.
  15. Th3 Technician

    email is sending but not recieving

    Is it not receiving emails from contact form only or in general?
  16. Th3 Technician

    User agent rotation together with proxy rotation

    Don't really understand the question but if you just want to change your browser user-agent you could try this chrome extension. But if it's a software you already have and want to integrate user-agent rotation with it you should post more info.
  17. Th3 Technician

    I want to know how to use prohibited keywords in AdWords.

    Don't know if this could help but whenever i face problems with a disallowed word (didn't try in AdWords) i always go for Cyrillic Script replacing one letter of my word as they look the same as English letters.
  18. Th3 Technician

    after a long time i m back in BW

    This is the best freelancer marketplace.
  19. Th3 Technician

    redirecting and bypass isp block

    It depends on how your ISP censorship the websites. If its matter of domain it cannot be bypassed unfortunately. One thing to try is to change your domain DNS to another provider and see if it works. if so you can setup the redirection from there.
  20. Th3 Technician

    Are proxies and VPN services garbage?

    How this guy got banned, he seemed nice? @MisterF