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  1. yourdady

    How and best way for asking people to use their address for google my business postcard

    As title says it all, I was wondering what would be the best approach for asking people to use their address for receiving one-time mail from google my business to get our listing verified in their area? Ofcourse I will hide their address from google..! Anyone here have done this before?
  2. yourdady

    Lost GMB account access now I have to change number (Need help)

    I had a listing in my gmb account and my account got disabled but the listing is still live. Now I want to change the number on it. Anybody can help me with this, I think people with High-level local guide accounts might get the new number published. If you are from London (UK) with high-level...
  3. yourdady

    [Need help] buying alot of phones is the only option we have?

    So basically I am testing something and it has to be done from different mobile phones, I cant buy alot of phone for that but I can buy ips and use android emulator to do. But problem is they track everything of the cell phones I dont know what they track but I am 100% sure they just not only...
  4. yourdady

    Google Reviews 500+ needed every month

    Hi, I am looking for someone who can offer me google reviews. I’ll need 500+ reviews I’ll provide the text you got to post it from different accounts..! I want sticky reviews which will stick..! Thank you
  5. yourdady

    My mind stopped working, need your opinions [bulk gmb reviews]

    So basically, I have a client who has alot of google my business listings. They asked me if i can provide them reviews for their listings, Each listing will have around 5 reviews. I am planning to setup something for it but i dont know how I will manage so many accounts and also how i’ll post...
  6. yourdady

    Got 1st amazon sale, listing currently unavailable products

    So guys, I have made amazon seller account few days ago and today I have received my 1st sale yay . I have started by listing a product which had good reviews around 3 but the product was out of stock from the actual seller. Also the seller is not active (No active listing), So I decided to...
  7. yourdady

    [WTG] Copyright free t shirt designs for my t-shirt printing business

    I have started my own t-shirt business, and now I am planning to sell t-shirts on Amazon. I am not a good designer so I am looking for a site which offers copyrighted designs which I can buy. I am looking for something which has monthly fees and I can use their designs?
  8. yourdady

    Amazon seller account was suspeded, can i use same bank for my new account?

    My previous Amazon seller account was suspended, can I use the same bank account I used last time for my new account? I don't have another account.
  9. yourdady

    Geotagger for local seo [Free Tool]

    For some reason i love creating free tool. Last time I built a tool where you can check TF & CF and later that tool was stopped working. But this time i have created a tool for those who are is Local seo business, geotagging photos really help you rank better with this tool you tag your photo to...
  10. yourdady

    What company/ services these press release seller use?

    Does anybody here know, what press release companies these PR seller use, and what price they get? I am planning to get my press release done for my listing ( 15+ ) and still building. What would be the cheapest option?
  11. yourdady

    Need GMB reviews from Local guide level 6+ Accounts [UK ONLY]

    Hi, I am looking for people who have google local guides level 6+ accounts and can make a quick review on my listing. PM me the price or comment here.
  12. yourdady

    [Alert] Don’t check domain availability with Godaddy

    Do you think godaddy steel your domains? last night this very old expired domain i checked with godaddy and now its been taken and registered on godaddy. I was wondering if godaddy is safe to check domain availability anymore. I saw people talking about Godaddy steeling domains in different...
  13. yourdady

    Do you think becoming a paid member on will help us from account suspension?

    I'm planning to promote one of the affiliate product through, as one of my friend did rank a page and making good $$$, the only problem is one day if they review it they will suspend the account or remove the article, as we have couple of links in the article forcing users to visit...
  14. yourdady

    [Help] Writing comments on your own post.

    I'm planning to write a few really unique real looking comments under my own posts, what you guys think its a good idea to add up some content authority? I receive daily 30+ visitors from Google search Engine but i hardly receive any comments. So i am looking for your opinions on this idea also...
  15. yourdady

    Someone with aged bodybuilding forum account 50+ posts

    Hi everyone, I am looking for someone who can post my website link under bodybuilding a thread ( i'll tell you the thread where you have to post), but for that you must have an old account with 50+ posts I am talking about forum.bodybuilding dot com Let me know if you can help me. Thanks
  16. yourdady

    [Looking 4 Idea's] As a delivery driver what can I promote through leaflet

    I'm a delivery driver here in London deliver parcels to customers. I was planning to promote something through leaflet and what you think? what kind of business should I promote?
  17. yourdady

    What Instagram tool does this?

    Hi so basically I am looking for a tool which go and follow big brand followers. So tool will go and start everyday tool will follow 100 people and keep following everyday until its follow all people? any tool you know can do this :/
  18. yourdady

    Where to buy ( USDT Tether USD)

    What is best place to buy USDT CURRENCY? Anybody selling.
  19. yourdady

    Looking For Tasker/Autoinput Expert For Android

    Hi there, So basically I am looking for some who is expert with tasker/autoinput both are android apps, I am trying to create an task which will use Ui query and preform few actions within an application. Nothing Big Is there anybody who can do it. I'll explain on skype or how ever he feels...
  20. yourdady

    People are repining my post on Pinterest but traffic is not that enough

    Hi, I have posted an Infographic on pinterest and run Pinterest ads I have spent about 10$ and got 400+ repins but still traffic is not that much, Right now I am getting less than 100 visitor. What you think what can be the reason? Because all I know is these are real pins because I am getting...