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  1. 10zen

    WTB vcc for asian paypal

    Like written in title, looking for VCC for asian paypal. Seems like everyone's selling US working vcc only. I have old asian paypal, card expired now, need to update.
  2. 10zen

    Vid Expert? How to create audio to video for YT?

    Sony Vegas takes long for rendering. If I want to loop something for hours I don't know how long it gonna take. There are 10hours or more looped music videos on YT. I am sure there must be some quick way to produce audio to video with single image or some slideshows. If anyone knows can you plz...
  3. 10zen

    One namecheap $3.88 domain trasfer coupon

    Good to transfer if you have a domain in shitty steep registrar like godaddy and others. CMW21D01BHF7SGG3SESX .com, .net, .org Domain Transfer for $3.88/1st yr 8:54 PM EST on November 28 2018 ACTIVE
  4. 10zen

    Namecheap Cybermonday unused coupons

    CMW07D01EPPCAFTFSLWY .store, .shop Domain Registration for $0.88/1st yr 6:00 AM EST on November 28 2018 ACTIVE CMW08D012W9Z8EGK9YEN .me, .mobi Domain Registration for $0.88/1st yr 7:00 AM EST on November 28 2018 ACTIVE CMW11D026MBTPFNBCBJ4 Stellar Plan Shared Hosting for $2.88/1st yr...
  5. 10zen

    Jesus! Seems BHW is too much egotistical hypocritical

    Someone asked where to buy bitcoin. I replied one of the sites where you can exchange for the fund he had, I did not even post the url. That was not another BHW competitor forum or anything like that. This forum is about internet marketing, sharing methods, making more money, is it not? There...
  6. 10zen

    Someone just lost shit tons of money on idex

    Was looking at the screen, saw ANT was down more than 89%. Is new to crypto trading. So, I was looking at the ask price which was in eth, was calculating it in USD and it was fucking under $1. I could've grabbed some but someone ate it up too quickly. 1141 ANTs under $1. One lost tons and one...
  7. 10zen

    [Help] Can't add paypal to fb ads, recent problem

    Some of my friends including me are facing this problem. Trying to add paypal as payment method on fb ads but paypal asks for card details. On adding the card(linked to pp or different)details it does nothing, it still shows the same screen. Fb accepts the card just fine. Adding paypal to fb...
  8. 10zen

    Got $200 ads coupon from bing, how to use it if you're not from US?

    Got $200 promotional coupon from bing in my email. But it says US and Canada only. How can I use this? Does vpn really work? I read that they track everything and can suspend the account anytime. I know many people are using coupons, creating new accounts each time. Most of these coupons only...
  9. 10zen

    Paypal access denied soln?

    Getting this message on paypal site: Access Denied You don't have permission to access "http://www.paypal[.]com/ph" on this server. Reference #18.a0de387d.1482244677.2fc1b2a6 My friend can access the site now. He was getting the same error few days ago. But for me it still shows this message...
  10. 10zen

    What is Amazon associates mobile app url?

    Trying to create new amazon affiliate account. It's asking for mobile app url? What is it and how to get/generate it?
  11. 10zen

    What did you say your favorite eyewear brand was again?

    What do you think?
  12. 10zen

    Help: Sahifa Theme; How to have transparent header background?

    Want to make header background completely transparent(by default it is white) where logo is displayed, the part above main navigation menu. link to theme: Would...
  13. 10zen

    [HELP] U-Design Automatic Featured Image/Post Thumbnail

    U-Design needs featured images to be assigned manually. I want to show first post image as post thumbnail in post excerpts. I used some codes found online but it seems to not work properly, puts some "Edit" text before excerpts in my localhost wp. Probably interferring with themes code. Any...
  14. 10zen

    [Help]Wordpress broken visual post editor

    Hi! I am having problem in wordpress visual editor, it's broken no graphic buttons like kitchen sink, fonts etc. I think this happened after hostgator's recent server migration. I contacted tech support but it didn't resolve it. Some internal image urls seems messed up like images from plugins...
  15. 10zen

    Help with wordpress template!

    I want to create a page template without sidebar. I want to use it for creating landing pages. I am using Gonzo responsive theme. Before asking for help here I tried some tutorials. Created a page template without sidebar but the sidebar space remains. Can anyone post what I need to do...
  16. 10zen

    Anyway to import html sites to wordpress?

    Is there any to easy way to import html sites to wordpress? I want to import some html sales pages on wordpress and edit and modify later. I can just directly upload html site but I want to create a niche site and put up some articles too and add few PLR products. Does copy pasting html codes...
  17. 10zen

    Help with wordpress theme, please!

    I am using lucid theme from elegant themes shared on BHW by OriginalEXE Theme preview: What I want: -Want to remove upper navigation bar, on top of header -Want to remove posted by and the dates below post title...
  18. 10zen

    What happened to this thread? Asking for $10 donation

    It was getting interesting. Xenix offered to help and then OP was saying his car broke and need $100 to pick him up by someone. Seriously?? he doesn't carry any money while he is driving a car? He wrote he was posting here from payphone. He could go wherever he was going, I guess he meant bank...
  19. 10zen

    Que about Hostgator shared hosting and Interspire email marketer

    I want to use interspire email marketer for autoresponder and mailing pursposes. Can't afford to use monthly fees for autoresponders. Will be legit site, want to build list. I have hostgator shared hosting. But seen some posts telling they got their account banned when some legit subscribers...
  20. 10zen

    Article: How to Build a Six-Figure Business With Less Than $100

    Found this on a site. Very interesting, informational and inspiring. Not new information and probably most of the members have already read something similar. But knowing is not enough, you must put it into action. Enjoy the read! How to Build a Six-Figure Business With Less Than $100 By...