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  1. karupoiss

    GSC shows page to be indexed but it isn't

    So I have a site I submitted to GSC and it says that certain pages are indexed but when doing site:domain(.)com they do no appear. I checked there are no manual actions or removal requests for this page (I have several of them). The site itself is a new one and then main page got indexed...
  2. karupoiss

    Google LOVES Complete Trash Content!!!

    Do u use the keyword in title + in text as in h1 or smth and then use the markov spun content? My question is - if u use the same type of seed article in your niche for either markov or just spinning it - wouldn't the generated pages compete with each other even if the titles are different kws...
  3. karupoiss

    Scaling Autogenerated Content To 100,000 Page Views A Month

    As I understand - you let your writers write a generic article around a set of keywords (main keyword) and then u spin the same article for multiple long tails for that main kw? Wouldn't that produce thematically same content for your blog posts that start fighting for the same long tails (even...
  4. karupoiss

    Youtube follow/unfollow method?

    If you think your stuff is great then try promoting on reddit.
  5. karupoiss

    Google LOVES Complete Trash Content!!!

    The end user would never see the text, it's only for G. The question is rather as in would the second version rank worse than the first version due to not containing the exact long tails (I would copy the sentences used from first page results for the keyword).
  6. karupoiss

    Google LOVES Complete Trash Content!!!

    Question for both of you: which would be better - copying paragraphs from different sites, making them all into one big paragraph, then randomizing the order of sentences and then cutting them up into different paragraphs OR doing the same thing but also spinning on word level? The first one imo...
  7. karupoiss

    Google LOVES Complete Trash Content!!!

    You say the sites lasts for 8-10 months but how fast do they rank? Also, when spinning the articles - do you use phrase spinning also or just word synonyms?
  8. karupoiss

    [Blogging Journey] Niche Site Journey To Passive $1k/month (Already started)

    Also, check what parts of the page takes the longest to load. Sometimes it could be a tracking script while the page itself has loaded ages ago already thus falsely making it seem that the page loads slowly when for end user it doesn't.
  9. karupoiss

    How does G determine what to use in its search snippets?

    I read this post and it seems for commercial sites it uses more the meta-description tags but for informational sites it takes from a text from random place (usually from the start of the body but not always the first sentence)...
  10. karupoiss

    A Blog about Marvel - Is it Legal?

    Does OP have 2 accounts? Exactly the same topic title with the same content.
  11. karupoiss

    Which option to choose for cloaking?

    I want to get traffic via G (spun crap articles) and want the users who land to my page to only see my email submit form. I know the "safest" option would be to buy a good cloaking service (IP cloaking) but it costs way too much. The alternatives would be to to referral cloaking OR overlay a...
  12. karupoiss

    How to cloak text on a page?

    I was thinking of doing a referral redirection through htaccess but I have heard from the Argo content generator creator that it doesn't last long until it is discovered (but.. as he is selling a solution himself I don't know if I can 100% trust that opinion). Buying great cloaking solutions is...
  13. karupoiss

    Cloaking Explained for Beginners

    Would you rather suggest creating a site with garbage unreadable content that the user sees with my offer above the fold or cloaking with the referral cloaking way? How long is "not long"? I mean.. the sites took 6 months anyways to rank.. is "not long" 6 months, year..? Have you made any...
  14. karupoiss

    Help cloaking for GoogleBot

    How long do sites using this solution have been indexed on average for you? I am using htaccess referral cloaking myself but maybe this is better (my sites have gone deindexed though.. it might have been because of kw over optimization and creating very similar pages in content).
  15. karupoiss

    Cloaking Explained for Beginners

    As I don't have money for paid cloakers atm.. in your experience.. how long do sites with user agent + referral cloaking stay indexed in Google?
  16. karupoiss

    How to cloak text on a page?

    So.. basically.. I want G to index the text on my site but when the visitor arrives I want him not to see the text but only my email submit form. I thought about making the text the same color as the background - seems that they have a patent for discovering it? I thought about putting the text...
  17. karupoiss

    Is Reddit a good ranking parasite in 2021?

    It depends of the niche. If you are in a super competitive hacks niche etc vs some random informational niche..
  18. karupoiss

    How are the new Movie Summary channels blowing up so fast?

    It's always worth it if you get traffic - Adsense is not the only way to earn money..