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  1. lucabrasi

    Post archive and excerpts confusion??? I am lost

    I think the title describes my problem but it may not. I apologize if it is incorrect. Here is what I have and what I would like to accomplish. My blog is set to show 1 post per page. So the last post I have made is always on my index page and that is it. No other posts show. I don't like...
  2. lucabrasi

    Show Title on Single Page - theme option

    I have the show title on single page turned on. I find that if I turn it off the webpage looks better. (I use single post pages) If I turn it off will that mess up my SEO. A title is pretty important on-page SEO. or If it is the single page is it better because it is closer to the content...
  3. lucabrasi

    show 2 posts on index and category pages of a wordpress blog

    How do I show two posts on index and category pages of a wordpress blog. I can't figure out this loop thing and all the examples I have found are of earlier versions of wordpress. I was able to locate the code for 2 posts on on but the code doesn't look the same when I try to...
  4. lucabrasi

    anchor text to Title and URL match??

    Is there a quick way to build 4 or 5 backlinks to every page on my site for the pages keyword. I have Ultimate Demon, Scrapebox, and GSA-SER. These are low competition long tailed keywords. They don't need a lot of work to make them viable. On page SEO all gets a green indicator from Yoast...
  5. lucabrasi

    How many words (approximately) per page of a post.

    If I have a 1100 word post should I show it all on 1 Wordpress post, or should it be broken up. One thousand or more words is a lot of jabbering on. Should I put it all on one post or should I spread it out over a couple of pages. Is there an average amount of text that won't scare people...
  6. lucabrasi

    Manual linking - What sites? Do I syndicate articles or all new content?

    Is there a sort of "must have" list when manually building links. Like a Facebook page or a Squidoo lens. If I build these pages do I post the same article on my site to the lens and FB page? Do I hand spin it with The Best Spinner (TBS) and then post? I have a website, it has age (5 years)...
  7. lucabrasi

    I need to check multiple URLs to multiple keywords for SERP

    I have Market Samurai which does this but, when I went to upgrade for more URLs they only took PayPal.  I don't like PayPal. Who has a similar SERP tracking function. All I want to know is what keywords are ranking for which URL and what postion Google has placed them in. There are about 150 -...
  8. lucabrasi

    How can I scrape all the meta keywords from my wordpress blog.

    How can I scrape all the meta keywords from my wordpress blog. Is there someway to get Wordpress to give the blog administrator this information. In the show all posts it has a column for all the meta keywords but there is no way to just select that text for cutting and pasting. You have to...
  9. lucabrasi

    can 2500 plus users on a new blog indicate my spam prevention is working?

    I have about 2500 users on my blog. I only get about 50 visitors per day. I use spam protection that uses cookies to see if the person is legit. Are all these users really people wanting to spam but couldn't get past the cookie confirmation so they couldn't leave a commnet. I don't want to...
  10. lucabrasi

    Are there any known confilcts between W3 Total Cache - CloudFlare URL Replacement and Arti

    W3 Total Cache and Cloudflare both work with minifying css, html, and javascript and optimizing their delivery to the visitor. Could they be causing this. (see the attachment) I have menu and advertising widgets in all sorts of places I didn't put them. (that is an Artisteer theme, that might...
  11. lucabrasi

    Yoast SEO plugin not showing the dot indicatio in Posts > All Posts

    I used to be able to visually see in the Posts>All Posts page what Yoast thought of my on page SEO. Green = good, Yellow = needs somework, Orange = pathetic SEO. I can still see it when the dot when I go to the individaul posts through the edit command. The green button shows up, but the fill...
  12. lucabrasi

    What does the board think about Arvixe hosting?? or make a recommendation for hosting

    Has anyone used Arvixe and what was your experiences with them. Anyone know of some comparably priced hosting. In particular I want my new host to have good/great customer service and fast servers. I use W3 Total Cache and Cloudflare so the servers don't have to be amazingly fast but they...
  13. lucabrasi

    Where do you see the Google + on your site

    Is there a place to go to see how many Google + you have earned over all your writing. On a page it should show up on the little button right. g+23 but is there a place to see the amount you have for everything you've written. I paid for 150 Google + on SEO Clerks. The job is done and I have...
  14. lucabrasi

    Installed W3 Total Cache and integrated Cloudflare slower speed than before optimizatiin

    I installed W3 Total Cache and Cloudflare and have slower page load times now than before the optimization. How is that possible? Is there a list of best practices for integrating the two. Any ideas on what to do. Thank you for your consideration of this problem.
  15. lucabrasi

    What do plugins do?? change the code of wordpress?

    I sometimes see blog posts that give the code to make wordpress do a specific activity and then the post will also say "or you can just do it with this plugin". Do adding simple plugins just modify the code of wordpress for me because I am too stupid or lazy to do it. Do these plugins hurt my...
  16. lucabrasi

    Anyone have a workaround for TBS not publishing to Wordpress blogs??

    Does anyone have a workaround for Wordpress 3.7 not including Atom and XML-RPC publishing. I like to publish through The Best Spinner (TBS) my hand spun stuff.
  17. lucabrasi

    Consequences of changing directory structure of blog??

    I have three questions about my link structure problem: I decided to organize my blog a little better. I put all the related links into categories and I changed the permalinks to show domain/category/post. So it looks something like this > domain/broad keyword/golden rule or long tail...
  18. lucabrasi

    Host the Name webhosting - Has anyone used it?

    Is Host the Name webhosting a good service to use. They used to be talked about on the forum here, but nothing recent on them. What is a good hosting provider? Cheap is good, but not if it is at the expense of good customer service and fast servers. I am experiencing poor speed on loading...
  19. lucabrasi

    New Users on WP blog - how can I delete the spammers

    I have a little over 2500 new users on my blog. The User panel shows "username" "email" "role" "post". If they are a new user and there is a 0 in "post" can I assume they are spammers and are just trying to get a link by filing out the biographical information. Is this assumption correct? If...
  20. lucabrasi

    Permalink problem: atleast I think it is.

    Why do some of my URLs look like this: and others look like this: I have told my permalinks to use "post name" so why am I recently getting the top URL. the one with "author's name" in...