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  1. Roger Marquez

    I am Sorry if This Bother Some People Here But I Need to Get This Off my Chest

    PS: Sorry for the click-baiting PSS: Not so much :D :P Happy weekend guys!
  2. Roger Marquez

    [NEWS] Gutenberg 11.5 It´s HERE!! - Big Step Forward

    Gutenberg 11.5 takes a meaningful step forward to Full Site Editing with the new Widget Group Block!
  3. Roger Marquez

    [REQ] Website Auditor Keygen - SEO Powersuite

    As the title says, I am looking for a working cracked version of the Website Auditor tool part of the SEO Powersuite package. Alternatively, all I need is a working keygen or someone that is NOT currently using it and has a license to spare. Cheers!
  4. Roger Marquez

    [QUESTION] About Editing Writing Services Cost

    I am about to embark on a journey myself to grow and develop a couple of niche blog sites. I believe my writing has enough quality to be used in a money site but, still, I would like my work to be reviewed by a more experienced writer before uploading it to WordPress. I am NOT worried about...
  5. Roger Marquez

    [QUESTION] Regarding Redirection Rules inside the .Htaccess file

    I am trying to place a redirect for a non-www version of the site with a subfolder to the main www version of the site. I mean, the main homepage of the site has wwww and it´s also the main blog page so, GSC it´s triggering a redirect error and one of those URLs is this one...
  6. Roger Marquez

    [VIDEO COMPARISON] AI Content Creation Showdown: Is BETTER than your writer?

    The guys at Authority Hacker just released a video a couple of days ago on their YouTube channel when they compare the quality of three articles generated by Jarvis vs the same articles ordered from Textbroker to determining who can come up with the best article...An AI-based app or humans...
  7. Roger Marquez

    [ARTICLE] Andy Did It Again! - What a Masterpiece!

    I am a big fan of all the publications from Andy Crestodina, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Orbit Media Studio. Some of his latest articles include The Perfect B2B Website Service Page: 13-Point Checklist and How to Research Keywords: A Step-By-Step Guide for SEO. Both articles are...
  8. Roger Marquez

    [SECURITY BREACH] WordPress plugins - WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts

    What happened? On August 19, 2021, it was brought to our attention that one of our WordPress plugins - WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts - has a security vulnerability that allows unauthenticated export and import of plugin settings. Versions from 2.2 to 2.4.1 are affected. The bug was...
  9. Roger Marquez

    [NEWS] Massive Divi Performance Update

    Read all about it here... Or, watch their video version of the article...
  10. Roger Marquez

    [HELP] Broken Links on Paginated Pages on the Blog Section

    I am having some issues with broken links on paginated pages on the blog section of a site. The URL is showing the "category" page and the main page it´s fine but all paginated pages are returning a broken links (according to SEMRush). For example...
  11. Roger Marquez

    [SECURITY - NEWS] XSS Vulnerability Patched in SEOPress Affects 100,000 sites

  12. Roger Marquez

    [HELP] Need some help guidance with PHP - WordPress & Functions.php

    hi there BHWers! I need some help with PHP. I am trying to learn as much as possible how to learn how to improve the page loading speed and/or the performance of WP-based websites. Right now, I am interested in learning two things. 1. Unload/dequeue unused stylesheets from particular pages -...
  13. Roger Marquez

    Zion Builder - Building websites just got easier [IT COMES WITH A FREE VERSION]

    Features Page Pricing Page NOTE: For those interested, there´s currently a deal on Appsumo where you can get the Lifetime license priced at $249 for $99. Some review videos... Cheers!!
  14. Roger Marquez

    [QUESTION] How to manually unload a CSS from the Genesis Theme?

    I have a site build on Genesis where the homepage was build using widgets so there isn´t any "front page" inside the page tab. There are a few unused stylesheets triggered by GPSI I would like to unload but I can´t load the page and run Asset Cleanup and be done with it. The CSS is being...
  15. Roger Marquez

    Question About GSC Coverage Report - Excluded URLs

    I am currently working on a technical audit for a client´s site and it has 347x URLs under the status "Discovered - currently not indexed". I checked and all these URLs have two trailing slashes at the end...Weird ah? But that´s not why I am opening this thread. I just crawl these 347x URLs...
  16. Roger Marquez

    I am having issues with the Genesis Theme

    Guys, I am currently working on a site that has no page created for the homepage and, still, has one. The site is build using a child theme for the Genesis theme. I can access the homepage but only through Appearance > Customization but I need to access it from the backend. Thoughts?
  17. Roger Marquez

    WordPress Is Still The KING!

    Full article Other sources
  18. Roger Marquez

    [QUESTION] Core Web Vitals Optimization & Mediavine

    To make a long story short, I am currently working on a WordPress-based blog monetized with Mediavine to optimize its Core Web Vitals (CWV) metrics. I was able to get all metrics in green but the site's organic traffic started to dropped drastically. The client stated it had something to do...
  19. Roger Marquez

    [NEWS] Critical SQL Injection Vulnerability Patched in WooCommerce - BE AWARE GUYS!

    Latest entry in the Wordfence blog...
  20. Roger Marquez

    [QUESTION] How to Manually Dequeue a Stylesheet

    Hi guys thanks a lot for having me over. This is my question... I am currently working on a site using the Hello Elementor theme and I am having issues with a few fonts from googleapis I would like to dequeue. The stylesheet ID is 'psfw-font-css' and it relates to the Product Slider For...