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  1. stevemib

    So im shit according to some

    I have had 2 minor strokes/TIA's Lost all my shit as in wtf. I used to be a good friend here with #nonames Watched them die and cried............hard. I want to live Need money for my heart surgery. Selling my future time is important like yesterday
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    Made a couple million from here

    Yes I have. I remember omg soooo many years ago i needed food on the table and this forum gave me the opportunity to do that. Never forget. Diamond Dave RIP and that other ugly fuck..........Dave. Stick to finding a purpose. The first thing I learned was downloading and expanding my disk space...
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    For the old and newbies

    Admin please move to appropriate place, sorry i cant find This rant is a motivator for newbies and a complement to the founding fathers and our owners/leaders now. I went thru the transition and it was very smooth. Hats off. I will not put names out there, do your history on this forum. Its...
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    IM white hat and made so much

    i hope I can become a mod. So i can share
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    Here we go again..........OMG

    Stevemib new $200 giveaway. All vip are not allowed. Your making money eh. All must be new with 6 months at least and 100 contributes. This is to help the new kids on the block. If your here for 6 months and got 100 contributes.......your future stud. Tell me what the most epic thing that...
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    I need help with DMCA servers, time to move

    I have been with Sharkservers/Atlantic now for years. They were on bhw but now not. Service is going to shit. I dont need extreme dmca just your ability to forward complaints to me. If it becomes a challenge I will fix it. I run a tight ship. Must me a provider here. Also must be able to move...
  8. stevemib

    99% of you are better than me in IM

    Im like this old dog that keeps coming back to the same owner. I was thinking Lassie. Great book........fuck the movie read the book. I want to say super thanks for BHW, Diamond Dave......Bassboats........and I can go on. So many more to mention but I dont have time to think .....literally I...
  9. stevemib

    IM black hat fron day one.........share

    So I have opened up several new Etsy accounts and paypals. Its fucking amazing what i have done. not looking for kisses. ] I have 3 stores running now. IM Etsy batch.
  10. stevemib

    For the VPN and Proxy Gurus

    I have two moneymakers finally and need some help. Im simple Navy retired guy in the PI that is not as smart as most of you. I have 5 vpns and 5 new proxies. The vpns are setup with each new user on windows 7 pro. And I have 5 proxies also setup with each new user accounts. So 10 new windows...
  11. stevemib

    I was broke and started here

    I was as in money nothing. And a friend showed me BHW. I spent over a month downloading and watching. After a while I got a phone call from Florida...........Paid me huge bucks to handle all their Craigs........accounts. IM back and thanks to BHW.
  12. stevemib

    48hrs sale $5.99 .TV domains

    .tv domains are great if you are going to do video sites. They show up on google pretty well also. I searched everywhere for offshore domains and found dynahost. Couple articles about wikileaks I read showed me they can take the heat. Im not doing anything drastic like that but got some...
  13. stevemib

    GET Facebook Fanpage SSL Free

    0k guys, I have been researching all day on this fanpage ssl situation. This is the best free solution I found and was easy as hell. Now according to FB developers support recommended testing........ my pages all passed. So if for some reason this blows up on the 1st blame FB. Here are the links...
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    IUts allllllllllllllll ok na.
  15. stevemib

    Make a couple bucks on autopilot free

    For FB noobs and the likes....pros dont waste your time reading this as your already making bank and probably already know this. Although it is shocking nobody has mentioned it on here and in fact the APP only has 650 likes and 2k people on it. So I think I finally got something to share thats...
  16. stevemib

    Is there a market for Organic FB accounts

    Hey guys n gals, Let me get into it and you guys tell me if there is a market for what I do. Ya these guys doing thousands of accts and spamming fzb are damaging a good thing. We understand its all about traffic to your offer but we also believe in the quality of traffic. One organic acct...