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  1. yourdady

    How and best way for asking people to use their address for google my business postcard

    As title says it all, I was wondering what would be the best approach for asking people to use their address for receiving one-time mail from google my business to get our listing verified in their area? Ofcourse I will hide their address from google..! Anyone here have done this before?
  2. yourdady

    How to saw sold qty on listing

    You mean how to see, in stock quantity? :O
  3. yourdady

    Where do people get traffic to their clickbank product ?

    Youtube, blog, Adwords..!
  4. yourdady

    What is the minimum expired domain's RD you should consider for PBN?

    I always look at link profile..! Where its getting backlinks from. Cuz thats what matters
  5. yourdady

    Avoid these sites when buying Gmail accounts or any accounts in that matter.

    Buyaccs best so far for me, instant and cheaper.
  6. yourdady

    Any Decent Image Submission Website Scripts Out There

    They do Custom scripts aswell, not just Wordpress
  7. yourdady


    Well not everyone can do lol. Especially if your 1st language is not English.
  8. yourdady


    Using your real voice? recording means screen recording?
  9. yourdady


    How are you making videos? Slides videos or any other way?
  10. yourdady

    ✅✅ Start Making $$$$ with Your Own Game Key & CD Key Website │ Fully Automated with Wholesale Integration ✅✅

    Send me sample and if you can tell me what would be the profit margin?
  11. yourdady

    G Stack Suite - Ultimate Google Stacking Tool

    Best tool for google stacking, and very happy with the customer support. Definitely looking forward to more features coming. Thank You