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  1. cyrus451

    Question about SEO on info site.... Please read.

    I own a site about a profession. I have issues ranking pages on my site with similar info and would like to know how you guys think i could rectify my problem. The site has pages lets say the niche is accountant training, and my pages are similar to 'accountant training virgina' 'accountant...
  2. cyrus451

    Throwback Thursday - Let's See What You Have!

    some of these are actually pretty funny, the sperm lol
  3. cyrus451

    Not showing links in "SEO - Link building"

    No, im answering his question. The reason they wont send him a link report is to 'TRY' and keep there pbn safe. Obviously google can find pbn,s they do all the time. Im saying how easy would it be for a google employee to buy a service here, see where the links are placed and ban the domain?
  4. cyrus451

    Not showing links in "SEO - Link building"

    links that get indexed show up in google webmaster tools so that is what he is saying, you can see the urls once the links you bought through that service get indexed but he's not sending you a list of the urls he put your links on. The sites can still be banned by google, it may just take longer.
  5. cyrus451

    Not showing links in "SEO - Link building"

    Ok, look. Think about this. And im with you on 'we wont send urls' but they expect you to drop 100-500$ on links. What would stop a google employee from buying a service on this forum? Nothing, im sure they do. When they do, and a link report is sent with the urls they placed your links on...
  6. cyrus451

    Aggressive Journey to $1000/Day in Profits with Clickbank, SEO and PPC (Adwords and Bing)

    I have in the past *(may not be that way now, as i have not done ppc in awhile) been able to link bing ads to a clickbank product page via a link. Just put the display url as the cbproduct and the bitly link is your aff link. Now I know that may not work in adwords, but it...
  7. cyrus451

    Aggressive Journey to $1000/Day in Profits with Clickbank, SEO and PPC (Adwords and Bing)

    Question before you go. What do you think the point of sending the visitors to a landing page/review rather than just the product page itself? Don't you think you would lose some clicks by sending them to a landing page rather than the product they are searching for in ppc?
  8. cyrus451

    [Journey] Make $125,000 in 24 hours through e-commerce

    Ok, lets say someone wants to start a brand ecom site and like you have full control over the product. You say you own the factory the watches are produced in? How could someone take an idea and actually start to have the product created? Did you start with one watch and expand in the beginning...
  9. cyrus451


    So My site deals with education in a way and im looking for how to get high quality edu links. Who is it that you need to reach out to in order to get these types of links? Like on a blog page or something. I am well aware of edu profile links, but these will be deleted over time and dont hold...
  10. cyrus451

    Switched to https...

    I too switched to https in hopes of getting some rank improvement. My site LOST rank and never recovered. I think with the switch you lose some link juice, so you will need to do some new link building to recover ranking fully. My site was getting 2k visitors per day. after the switch I lost...
  11. cyrus451

    $50k/month Journey Real Estate Journey

    When you say you get leads, what type of leads are you getting? Do you send them to a site with a form from facebook and get name address email phone or something else? I am curious as to how you get leads via facebook and then sell the leads to the agents. Would people not ask why you sold...
  12. cyrus451

    I need help.

    I would like someone with some knowledge to tell me why my website ranking have slipped. If you have the resources and know what you are looking at ie. arefs/mejestic/moz reports please dm me. It would mean a great deal. The site used to rank pretty much all keywords top 5. In the last year...
  13. cyrus451

    Ranking Without Backlinks

    With youtube, that is probably enough. If you make videos that people watch youtube will rank you higher for your targeted terms. Now from google, thats a totally different ballgame.
  14. cyrus451

    Google update again?!

    I have had a significant drop in traffic, over 50% and it is stable. My ranking all dropped about 10 places off the first page. So either i need to do more seo or give up .....
  15. cyrus451

    Backlinks not appearing in Google Webmaster Tools

    No, they will all be taken into account regardless if they show up in wmt or not.
  16. cyrus451

    Backlinks not appearing in Google Webmaster Tools

    To me backlink checkers in general all have a gray area. I have a site that had an infographic page shared on pintrest about 15k times and google used to show me those as links in webmaster tools. I have built some links to my sites before and experience a rank increase but they never show in...
  17. cyrus451

    Google update again?!

    I have an authority site and have lost significant rankings. all whitehat seo.