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  1. kinglion

    Would you sell local or international?

    Let's say you look for shitty looking websites. After you find them you hit them with the "I will make you a nice website" Would you target that to local businesses or nation wide Or even international. I want to know your experience to learn more from other people.
  2. kinglion

    German taxes are killing me

    Build an offshore holding complex. You will pay less taxes in Germany. Be aware that the tax office aka Finanzamt will not leave you alone if you earn most of your money in Germany. To get around all this you can become a digital nomad and set up a holding company
  3. kinglion

    US Oil Prices @ Negative... WTF!?!?

    That's the way it is. Theoretically you get money.
  4. kinglion

    Thread Bumping......

    Look its that simple: If a topic is several years old, it is better to create a new Thread. No need for a disappointment and nobody insulted you so read look here: Welcome to the Newbie Guide
  5. kinglion

    Finding SOCKS proxies with nMap

    dude are you insane look at the date!!!
  6. kinglion

    Reliable hosting for managing multi wordpress websites

    If you have some spare cash go with kinsta.
  7. kinglion

    I Want to Buy 2 Million Dollars Worth of bitcoins

    Do that or Buy yourself Ledger Wallet or Trezor. Honestly if you buy Crypto more than 2-3k€ you should go with an Hardware wallet.
  8. kinglion

    $Million dollar idea

    Ever Profitable Business could be scaled to a million bucks. There is no such thing as "the next multi million dollar idea" What ever you do, give your 100% dedication. Try to make it profitable. After your first 1€ profit, scale it. So "simple"
  9. kinglion

    Best instagram bot for 2020

    As brother @IG Professor said read his guide its Gold. You could pick any Bot you like (jarvee etc.) keep in mind that you have to warm up your accounts und stick with high quality Proxy. Thats it
  10. kinglion

    Learning Web Development & Launching a SaaS in 50 days

    Have fun Kollege! Im following your journey and don't forget the Finanzamt and Gewerbeanmeldung. Gewerbeanemldung costs you 30 EUR and it keeps all the headaches away (espacially Tax Wise)
  11. kinglion

    Masslooking "Pro" Tool

    They take your money and never answer you
  12. kinglion

    Masslooking "Pro" Tool

    Can vouch for that
  13. kinglion

    taking international payments (No paypal or bitcoin)

    Wire Transfer with Routing?
  14. kinglion

    How to get Followers with Ads

    I found a working method. This Thread can be closed.
  15. kinglion

    BHW is full of shitheads

    Making money is just like working out at the gym. The exercises that work for your Gymbro will probably not work for you. Instead, you will need to adapt a system that works for you. Another example: if you are sitting in the driver's seat of another vehicle, the whole thing feels weird and...
  16. kinglion

    Help. Code problem.

    Remove it I copied it Try it now. Tell me if it worked.
  17. kinglion

    Help. Code problem.

    Send me your url I will fix it for you
  18. kinglion

    Help. Code problem.

    Got to Add your url There is a button for resetting
  19. kinglion

    At what age did you had the maximum drive to make money?

    At the time, I was doing a mandatory internship with a company. I got 1000EUR per month. In the middle of the internship they offered me that I should drop out and work for them in project management for 5K Euro net (about 9K gross) per month. At that moment I thought to myself: If they offer...
  20. kinglion

    IPv6 Subnet Instagram

    Hello, let's assume that I have several residential IPv6 / 64 subnet. How many Instagram accounts can I run per subnet. After all, a /64 subnet has 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 IPs. Theoretically I could give several Instagram accounts random IPv6 addresses from my subnet. The accounts work...