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  1. MonteCarlos

    Do "email-to-sms" Work Anylonger?

    Hmm....Bad news then... But there were some online services that you could send an SMS for free [have not tested lately]. How do they do that? Do they pay on your behalf? I think they did the email trick...
  2. MonteCarlos

    Do "email-to-sms" Work Anylonger?

    Don't get surprised by the lack of responses, most likely that most of the dudes over here don't know even what you are talking about, lol... Because they are just "average" ordinary everyday people trying to make a few bucks... To make things somehow more cleaner I haven't personally tested...
  3. MonteCarlos

    Free review copy: Edu email for office 365

    Interested as well. Many thanks in advance!
  4. MonteCarlos

    If you could buy unlimited .com, .net, .org domain names for free, what would you do?

    You redirect your domains to online offers and you post on Facebook Groups until you get banned...Pretty simple...
  5. MonteCarlos

    If you could buy unlimited .com, .net, .org domain names for free, what would you do?

    I bet, that you register them through online banking [fake] accounts? If so, they will probably get deactivated after few weeks, so I don't think that there is an open window opportunity in here... But you can abuse them on Facebook promoting offers, that's the best I can think of...
  6. MonteCarlos

    Anyway to scrape new website links in real time ?

    I think that you'll need some "website watcher" app or online service.
  7. MonteCarlos

    Quick Question: is there a way to make $14 in a day?

    Look at the downloads section, there are some Quotes Templates somewhere...I recommend to start with those...There is always demand for stuff like this, but you''ll have to locate the right Groups to sell them. Instagram and Pinterest Groups in Facebook are the most promising places for you to...
  8. MonteCarlos

    Quick Question: is there a way to make $14 in a day?

    Sell something for BTC in Facebook Groups. Something like Plr Content or some Service like Social Media Signals, or WP and Shopify Themes if it happens to have some untouched files...
  9. MonteCarlos

    where to find working fresh VCC bins?

    Some Telegram Channels offer that kind of Stuff...
  10. MonteCarlos

    Where This World is Going? Dr.FarFar is Dead...

    I used this website to grab some cracked SEO Tools...that I used through VPS off course... Now where can I get such tools for free? Lol, I feel really sad...:(
  11. MonteCarlos

    How to Sign up Bulk Email Newsletters - 100's Emails

    I think you could use some "Flood E-Mail Services"... Here is one: Use to get invite!
  12. MonteCarlos

    How can I download marketing software for free

    I don't understand the problem in here...Just learn to ask Google and Youtube... Locate the name of the targeted App, then make a search for "App Name cracked" Good chances are that it will be in top 10 results, latest available edition... Be careful for viruses though...I use them only in...
  13. MonteCarlos

    Canva PRO inquiry

    I've got one [1-Year Pro] that I have no use for...If anyone is interested, let me know. Giving it for free.
  14. MonteCarlos

    How to make unique ID's for the purpose of multiaccounting?

    You are probably going insane...I would go only with new user account + portable Firefox + required plugins + Mac address changer...not to mention the multiple Residential IPs of course...
  15. MonteCarlos

    My journey to earn some money with sports betting

    If you can make a consistent profit you could start a telegram group and charge for membership access, lol...
  16. MonteCarlos

    If you can code, you can make money !

    Interesting stuff I would say...Maybe not for newbies though... A list of free Apis is here: Also, I think it can be done without coding as well? See here: It can be automated through Zapier? Maybe a workable method...
  17. MonteCarlos

    [GET] [100% Discount] Sociazer - social media analyzing tool

    If Interested better to Hurry up, the discount ends in 2 days! Original price 49$ Sales page: Get it here:
  18. MonteCarlos

    [BETA TESTERS] Scrape Instagram and other platforms

    Just Registered. My username= allisternelson Please activate. Thanks.
  19. MonteCarlos

    At Last! A Payment Processor that is focused in the "satisfaction" of their clients... Any Thoughts?
  20. MonteCarlos

    Got 15,000 clicks in my Clickbank report section in one day - not me!

    Maybe someone sent you fake traffic, just for fun...take care, you could get banned for this...though, not at your fault probably.