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  1. virtualpurity

    Saturday Music Thread : If he is not the BEST i do not know who is !!

    A beast. What are you guys listening at the moment ?
  2. virtualpurity

    Global Internet Issue ? Cannot ping DNS

    Seems there is a Global Internet issue going on right now, major backbones, routing, everything! Best scientific guess is that someone got drunk and tripped on the wrong cables, taking down half of the worlds internet..
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    WTB - Withdrawable VBA

    Hello, Looking to purchase a withdrawable VBA that is compatible with PayPal for withdrawing some earnings. I have searched the marketplace but they mostly offer VBA for validation of accounts - not withdrawals. If anyone is able to provide please PM me.
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    Need a Website Developer for a project PHP / CSS / HTML

    Hello, Like the title says, i am looking for a website developer for a project for website building and customization. You will need to know PHP / CSS / HTML in order to make this work. For an experienced dev this project would only take 2-3 days max. The project will also be ongoing so...
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    This is one way to celebrate New Year - SexIsland

    6K 3 Nights p.s I am not affiliated with them in anyway. But would like to be :)
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    WTH - PHP DEV - WordPress Scraping Script

    Hello, I need someone to build a WordPress scraping script. The scripts needs to scrape content of another website and store the data to wordpress by using custom fields. Its a 1 day job for an experienced php developer. PM me for more info. Cheers
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    150$ Google Ads Credits Code on 150$ spent

    Hello BHW I received a $150 Google Ads credit code that i do not need at the moment, so i am giving it away. The code gives you 150$ Google Ad Credits on 150$ spent. *Use code ************* by December 31, 2018 to redeem your Google Ads credit when you spend $150.* Since only 1 person can...
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    (Javascript) How to re-make this code to work with a new API ?

    Hello, I am trying to re-use an old script from Cpaclickz which is using the Maxmind old API. The code that the script uses is : <script src="" charset="ISO-8859-1" type="text/javascript"></script> <script type='text/javascript'> var visitorCountry =...
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    Service sellers will relate ..

    I bet some of you can relate...
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    Dedicated Server - Giveaway

    Hello, Had a spare server to giveaway which still has aprox ~20 days of usage to go ( its not lifetime ) so : Server specs : Xeon E5620 2.4 GHz 32 GB Ram 4 TB HDD 200 Mbps / Unlimited Bandwidth ( Good for streaming ) OS : Centos 6.5 Allowed : Adult / SEO Tools / VPN / Movies - Music / Blog...
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    Western Union Announced that will use XRP - Ripple

    Centralized or not, ripple is growing. When XRP will officialy be used for transaction after the testing period i think the market cap will get much higher than what it is and even bypass ETH at the second position...
  12. virtualpurity

    Need 10 Educational articles - 300+ words each !

    Hello, I need 10 handwritten Edu articles 300+ words on these subjects : College education - 2 articles College student programs - 3 articles College loans - 5 articles Paying 4$ each - 40$ total and need these done by tomorrow. NO scraping - articles will be checked - must be handwritten...
  13. virtualpurity

    Blockchain is the FUTURE ! SEC/CFTC Confirmed !

    Cryptocurrency maybe is a bullish market atm with a lot of hate and fuss, but the technology behind it is truly amazing and will get worldwide adoption one day making each and every one of our lives more easier. Also about the current market, here is a video about them stating they have no clue...
  14. virtualpurity

    Meltdown and Spectre CPU Vulnerabilities can compromise every CPU made in the last 20 Years ! For the more tech savy : There you go, another shitstorm will break loose in the following months.. And its pretty serious as well, with attacks like these hackers can easily...
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    1$ Hosting Christmas Deal - SSD/HDD -

    CHRISTMAS HOT DEAL OFFER ! 1$ HOSTING CHRISTMAS DEAL !! 1$ Offshore Hosting on ALL Regular Hosting Packages 1$ Offshore SSD Hosting on ALL SSD Hosting Packages Use coupon code : BHWXMAS2018 ( Coupon is valid for the first month of service after that regular prices apply ) Check out our...
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    CME Bitcoin Futures Launch - Good or Bad for Bitcoin ? What do you think ? What do you think this means for Bitcoin ? Is it possible the rise we saw so far was just manipulation and preparation for a bigger event ? Since bitcoin futures doesnt require traders to actually own...
  17. virtualpurity

    Looking for coder to build a WHM/Cpanel Ads plugin/addon

    Hello, As the title says, i am looking for a coder that can code a plugin that will add ad code/banner/javascript to all Cpanel users that are on that WHM Server. Plugin/Addon should have simple options for changing the ad code, changing the position ( top bottom ) and also include/exclude...
  18. virtualpurity

    Alexander Vinnik Arrested - BTC-E Still Down

    Vinnik is suspected to be one of the co-founders or at least one of the key figures of BTC-e and got arrested today in Greece. He is also the main suspect in the Mt-Gox investigation for...
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    30% OFF Offshore VPS / HOSTING Coupon - - March SELL OFF !!

    30% OFF March Sell Off All offers are valid until 31.03.2017 >> OUR BHW THREAD << 30% OFF LifeTime Recurring Discount for our VPS and Hosting Services Valid For these selected products : VPS VPS KVM 4 VPS KVM 6 VPS KVM 7 VPS KVM 8 Hosting Packages : Personal Business Premium +...
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    BITCOIN RUSH - A new all time high price ! Is the world starting to embrace BTC ?

    As anyone who keeps track with and is familiar with btc knows that price of btc has reached a new all time high since it has been created. Has the world started accepting BTC and crypto in general as a new future ? More and more companies are joined and started accepting cryptocurrency`s, some...