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    [METHOD] This $70 Per Day Guide Could Change Your Life

    Hmmmm. Missing some information... what free sites did you use to advertise. That would be a great helpful technical tip.
  2. M - has anyone used them?

    So I am new at this, but its discouraging because I have not made a dime, possible is because I truely do not know what I am doing and I am still learning web design, affiliate porn industry and the affiliate programs that go with it. One on the affiliate programs I signed up for which I am...
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    Where can I get special scripts beside their automated scripts from the site. I just started an affiliate site and I am not doing to well promoting content as well as promoting chaturbate and other cam sites. I need some coding samples and things that can work. thanks for your help
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    Porn Site Picture Gallery Wordpress getting wrong pics added

    Your probably right... but it definately came from a php code I put in the header.php file. I since removed it but still trying to remember what affiliate I got it from so I can put out the warning. it was really irritating...
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    Porn Site Picture Gallery Wordpress getting wrong pics added

    Yeah actually I found out what it was. It was a purpose hack. I signed up for and they have you include a php file they want you to put in your theme header file. I forgot I did that when I removed it it works fine now. Damn you work hard to just get a site hoing and people...
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    Porn Site Picture Gallery Wordpress getting wrong pics added

    Something has happend to my porn site. I have picture galleries in different pages of different articles. I notice that other pictures are added to the galleries that are not part of the niche of the site and get included with the pics I posted. How has that happen? yes I do have some...
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    How To Profit From Your Porn Quick! Step By Step

    Anyone have any idea id this process works?
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    Hi everyone... very new to BHW and marketing...

    Hi, Im looking to learn alot and I am definately starting from scratch with little to no money and hoping to make it successful. I know I need money to make money but with no money I have to start with everything free as I search and learn how this all works. I have two sites built currently...
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    Making Money Online: It All Starts With YOU. (Not Methods. Not Google. YOU.)

    Thank you for this. I have been exploring around the internet for directions and all I did find was a flood of quick rich videos.... it is sickening to me to get taught how to sign up to a simple site and get started and be fed the ranting of click this link that link for the rest of the...