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    YouTube Unique Content - What to do?

    I have a dancer friend and he currently has over 100 videos. I'm not sure on what todo SEO wise and getting traffic to his channel. I have exclusize ownership of the channel and content. I can get him to dance to a new song that is trending but not sure on how to go about it.
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    AutoBlog + Adsense + Chaturbate CASE STUDY - MUST READ - $80.71 in hours.

    This is posted in the Journey section as well as the Making Money section because anyone can follow this guide and I plan to get advice, if possible to get past a ban, then continue doing this. If people give advice on what I can do to expand or even maybe help do the legwork and we can use...
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    Great Idea - Need a experienced partner to help. Newbie to BHW, but not the net.

    As title states, I have a great idea to get lots of PPI conversions but I need someone experienced with the "marketing" aspect. Basically deals with a guide, and within th guide users will install a software to be able to do something. I have no problem talking about this publicly so the...