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    [HAF] Shopify Store Design

    Hey, I run an e-commerce store off a standard shopify template. Things have to change. We don't even have a logo made yet. I have focused my time with seo and product upload. What we need: 1) Nice front page design 2) Checkout Page that is similar to Amazon or along those lines 3) Logos...
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    JV - Brand Approved Products - Inhouse / No Dropshipping

    Hey, We are a company that was established in 2017. We just hit a little over 500k in sales this year on Amazon alone selling name brand products. We are straight Automotive parts - (New Only) We realized that once we passed the 60k a month in sales, Amazon was hurting our business due to the...
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    Looking for help with shopify. Big job

    Hey, I run a successful ebay and Amazon store. I am looking to branch into shopify. To manually upload all my products, it would take months since I roughly have around 3 million available skus. I have been adding products one by one and it has grown tiresome. I have descriptions, images...
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    Question about bulk uploading with thousands of items

    Hey, I have a question. Currently we sale around 30+ items a day through amazon and ebay. We also sale to local garages, part stores, and so forth. We have around 100k products to choose from our distributors and have the ability to move around 7k items from the east to west coast within two...
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    Need a design to make a quick logo real quick

    Should only take around 20 minutes or less to do. It is for a cup, I already have the colors picked out, just need a small image and some nice font. Pm me and please have some posts, I need it done within the next two hours. Thanks
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    Ultimate Web 2.0s, 1000+ Words Of Content Per Web 2.0, Handwritten, Starting at $7

    Hey Guys, My team and I are offering one of the cheapest and highest quality Web 2.0 services on BHW. We don't need a fancy sales thread page, because we believe in quality over a fancy sales thread. Anyways, lets get down to the packages we offer. CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW Packages We...
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    New scammer in action

    It seems when someone posts in so many "hire a freelancer" threads that it would raise an eyebrow. I am no expert, but I didn't think one person would be so good at everything in IM. I would think there would be a limitation on posting in so many different threads at once to prevent people from...
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    Facebook Ads, landing pages, and getting into Blackhat CPA xx,xxx,xxxx a Day [Tutorial]

    We all have experimented with Black Hat CPA in the past and we all know the times have changed. You tube has had the Un list Method, Wattpad has lots of authority so you can rank easily for keywords, and is the same way as watt pad. There are still hundreds if not thousands of...
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    Need some French keyword research done

    If I spoke it, I wouldn't have this problem. I need someone that speaks french to be able to do some keyword research for me on Facebook and keyword revealer. I will pay well, but the person has to be reputable. If you have under 100 posts, don't bother asking me. Thank you, if there are...
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    What is up with all the people from 2010 suddenly appearing

    Kinda odd. I wouldn't ever remember my password for an account made four years ago that I never used lol
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    PPI is different, but can be profitable if done right [Method]

    I earn the majority of money with CPA/PPD, but I do like to dabble a little in other advertising opportunities for my websites. PPI is different than PPD, but similar in some cases, because it is basically just an offer wrapped with your software. The majority of us use cracks and/or fake...
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    fucking bad day

    1. Rock hit the windshield on the rental, okay no problem. 2. Heard a giant pop while driving, results in giant crack all the way across window, have insurance to cover 3. Arrived at hotel room at the beach 430 miles away, forgot my wallet and phone dies. 4. Get money via western union...
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    Tired of not be able to convert cpa/ppd traffic, try PPI

    Hey guys, Are you guys tired of trying to convert your traffic from cpa/ppd or just hoping to convert a french lead ever now and then. Try PPI(pay per install) out and you will do much better. I am offering help to people including a silent installer, the best ways to use the .exe on...
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    Made 4800 to 7200 each month in ppd/cpa, where should I go now?

    I am getting sick of doing the same thing each and everyday. You know, ranking YouTube videos and doing minimal SEO for each campaign I start with cpa and ppd. I make around 4800 to 7200 a month right now after expenses with my sites and videos. I also work a full time job, but I want...
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    cleanfiles in big trouble

    They forgot to renew domain :/
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    Is there money in making fake bots and keygens

    I can make anywhere from 5 to 10 bots a day for youtube ppd. I just call them hacks but of course they are useless but make a good video for youtube and look legitimate. is there a market for this?
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    cleanfiles not paying via pp anymore

    It stinks but I guess we gotta deal with it. I like receiving my PayPal payment from them since it is easier for me.
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    Question about a local payday loan

    My family operates and runs a payday loan company and I have a question. The system we have been using incorporates the use of checks to require a loan to someone. Well not everyone uses checks anymore so we are.losing money. Is there anywhere I can get a copy of a payday contract that.people...
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    Building 3 Amazon Affiliate Sites - My journey to 1k a month in 2 months

    Hey everyone, This is my first journey thread and this is my first time experimenting with Amazon. I come from the adult world and I was quite successful in adult, but I really need a change. I know my goal is realistic because I will only have to make $33 dollars a day to make 1,000 a month in...
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    Here to answer all your questions related to the Adult Niche

    I was in adult for around 7 years and built hundreds of blogs, some tubes, a lot of TGP's, and two cam sites. I have learned a lot about converting traffic, how to build traffic, what sponsors you should use and sponsors you should avoid, and etc. I want to help you guys out and answer any...