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    Xvideos "Waiting for legal documents for notice"? Am I in trouble?

    If you uploaded a video and it does turn out that the girl is truly under age then yes you can be in trouble. Were you behind a proxy when you uploaded?
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    Organic adult traffic from China Baidu...

    Jusat ride the wave until it stops dont stress about it too much if your running a REAL tube then you might want it to end sooner than later as they WILL suck every video you have blowing up your BW bill Yes Exo pays decent for china however its nowhere close to the BW bill the chinese accumulate
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    $30K invested into $AMC - Let's see how it turns out

    AMC lowering alot after hours XRP is down too from what it was and those that didnt cash out GME are probably kicking themselves in the ass today down 100$
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    Thats end of porn re-upload...

    you can guarantee xvideos, and all the others WORTH submitting to will follow suit with what mindgeek does they will not risk the forfeiture of their assets
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    wpeech 2 text

    deel like a moodh asking thi but edoes anyone know whereI can get aa dood speech to text program just had 6strokes snd hsve issues typing took e 25 mins to type this alone thank you dor any direcction Icsn get
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    how many views needed to rank a pornhub video?

    Well since mindgeek owns 3/4 of the porn industry their stuff all goes on front page first then a few lucky one which are 95% partners take up rest of spots ao if your not a partner you stand a 5 % chance of hitting that front page for a brief minute
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    Adult Tube Website 2020 - What's Next?

    skype? yeah I do
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    Adult Tube Website 2020 - What's Next?

    I can probably help you in the morning have a couple appointments this afternoon, but I used that many times in the past Its actually pretty easy to set up and get rolling
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    Adult Tube Website 2020 - What's Next?

    Girl Twerk what issue are you having?
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    In the quest for adult traffic

    JUST an FYI for those of you following this thread STAY AWAY From all webcam stuff now you will get hit hard by DMCA's Is Anyones site on here ? Thats just 1 page of MANY for the day
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    In the quest for adult traffic

    Good work thats a nice increase with reddit
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    In the quest for adult traffic

    Hey ARGC id ditch hubtraffic its counter productive, reason being, ok it might bring in a few people to your site but in the end its just making the BIG GUY even bigger, and makes it harder to rank . Just My 2 cents but Hey i've been known to be wrong before LOL If budget is limited you...
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    In the quest for adult traffic

    noice progression so far keep it up!
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    Forget Covid for now BHW Jr Vip prices to rise soon act now!!!

    LOL One I wont be abler to get in im way off on post count
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    How to monetize adult traffic?

    I wouldnt even think of monetizing it until ya have a lot more steady traffic
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    Adult Tube Website 2020 - What's Next?

    Highroller your site loads REALLLLLLL slow 8.9 secs for me start to finish and im on a GB connection Just an FYI Loads slow in GT Metrix too you got a score of 24 in there So if you can speed it up in the long run you will make more money page loads faster = more visitors = more to...
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    Adult Tube Website 2020 - What's Next?

    Yandex is ok for mainstream but in porn what happens is it will list ya number 1 for a bit you will see a spike in traffic mainly from turkey then after the country filters from turkey filter you because your adult (porn) they will block you which is OK anyhow becusse turkley traffic cannot...
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    Can I trust Aliexpress suppliers?

    are you in the US? if so it will be a lot longer than 3-5 days because the quarantine time of freight is going to be 2 weeks or more at the ports until after all thos covid-19 subsides
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    Does Smush Pro really help

    I use this on every one of my sites For FREE it does amazig job Robin image optimizer
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    Need help with my adult site

    40 days the site might still be in the sandbox