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    Traffic loss by 20% - Looking for your help

    Hello everyone, One of my company's website (Niche - Tech) has lost almost 20% of its daily traffic. I was thinking that it happens because of Google's latest algorithm update "Product Review", but when I checked the Google Analytics "The post whose traffic has been down was not a product...
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    Continuous fluctuation in ranking

    Hello Everyone, My concern is related to ranking of some keyword is continuously fluctuating.....even I'm not able to understand why its sometime it completely disappear from SERP and sometime it suddenly rank in top 20. Let me explain it in detail....I'm working on a project...
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    Does these changes give any advantage or disadvantage in Backlink or ranking?

    Google recently introduced two new attribute in "Nofollow" link Sponsored =》 that identifies link is a part of advertising, sponsorship or similiar agreements. Ugc =》 that identifies link is a type of user generated content, like comments or forum posts. These updates helps to understand...
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    One of the most difficult interview question asked from me

    One of the most difficult interview questions I've ever been asked was "I give you 2000 URLs and need you to within 24 hours assess to find out which one of these are most valuable link prospects. How would you achieve this?" I was frustrated with this question because I don't know the...