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    Theres so Much Money in Servicing Local Businesses..

    i agree with supporting local businesses
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    How many hours a day do you hustle?

    the internet never sleeps and nor do i
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    What's after life?

    I believe there's an afterlife because how can people with deep souls just float off into oblivion when we die???
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    Hello from England

    Hello! I love London!
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    so how is everyone

    you're the first person to ask me how i've been doing all day! jk, but still, doing well
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    Howdy Lads

    nice icon photo
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    I'm successful at 21 years old, now what?

    congrats! continue to take care of your parents! be a good son/daughter!
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    Hi.. I'm new here

    good evening!
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    Why Are You An Entrepreneur?

    Well, being an entrepreneur makes you your own boss and plus, who doesn't love setting their own vacation time ;)
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    Hello World

    Welcome! New here as well :)
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    Hello Gang....

    That's good to know
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    Greeting from a Pro

    hello pro! Let's see what you've got ;)
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    message of beginning and gratitude

    Hi, welcome to the forum!
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    How to activate disable account?

    you need to send in a request
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