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    Guide me with my first ever project

    A little background about me - A hardcore IT guy, 40 years of age, been in the industry for over 19 years managing Linux servers and now into cloud automation. Due to almost all aspects of my jobs fully automated now, I have enough free time to learn about internet marketing or SEO in general. I...
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    Content idea for a professional?

    I started a blog where I post my professional opinions about the industry that I've been working in over 8 years. The problem is that the industry is too vast and I simply can't cover all aspects of it. I am wondering is there anyway / tool to figure out what people are searching for in my...
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    facebook advertising guide?

    Hey guys, I am half way through launching a new ecommerce store. I haven't really used facebook ads before and was wondering if anyone has a guide that will help me run the ads at the least possible expenditure. Any inputs would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    new to trading

    Wow, so I am back on BHW after a LONG time. Not sure how long, I guess I'll find out after I publish this post. So a friend of mine made a BOMB with dash in past month and that got me interested into crypto currency trading. However, I have never had a bitcoin wallet and any kind of virtual...
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    JV - Looking for someone good with SEO (promised $$$/mo)

    Hi, i am looking for someone who's good at SEO. In a nutshell, I need to have a website about "hosting reviews" ranked well. The hosts that are aimed for are bluehost, arvixe and hostgator. Do not mis-understand this by interpreting your share as a part of their affiliate program. I have...
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    using keywords like hostgator, bkuehost in campaigns?

    Hey all, I remember trying tho use keywrods like *hostgator review* in a campaign before but it didnt work for some reason. I didnt pay much attention as it wasnt as important at the time. Has anyone tried it before, if yes, did adwords approve it? Anything specific i should be doing to get...
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    how to track the ranking?

    Hello, Been a while since I sold my last website. I am planning to put 4 hours a day in a new website that I've been planning to start for a month. I am not going to sell this website, just gonna work hard and establish another income source. My question is, what is the best (and free) way to...
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    adwords coupon for india?

    Heya All, I am trying to purchase a few adwords coupon via Fiverr. However, my confusion is that I have heard them coupons work only with US and Canadian account. I am located in India, am I supposed to get some special Indian coupon or something? PS - I am not going to use "manual payment"...
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    Getting adwords to assist me and give me a voucher?

    Hello Everyone, I am planning to start a long-term campaign with adwords soon. I had this question in mind since long time so finally decided to ask here. Earlier I used to buy adwords coupons from sites like fiverr etc. Use them, trash the account and gone. However, since this is a long...
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    mail sending software?

    Hey Guys, I am not a huge email marketer, just want to get in touch with a few guys. I have to send about 1000 email per day which I have got the server for. My question is, what software / program can I use? I have the SMTP details that I require. I tried send blaster, but its free version...
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    Need adwords vouchers

    Hi, I am looking to buy just 1 adwords voucher. I need 1 per week and looking for a long term seller. Rates must be reasonable and payment only through paypal. Thanks.
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    how to phone verify fb account?

    HI, I am trying to create a couple of new accounts to try out their ads. It seems that now they are asking for phone verification. Problem is, even if you enter your legit cell phone number, it will take atleast 8 hours to receive the code. Any other way to get it verified? Or to jump...
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    Windows VPS for scrapebox?

    Hi, I am looking to get a windows VPS for scrapebox. I was wondering where can I find cheap but reliable one? I do own a scrapebox license btw.
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    need urgent help scrapebox not using proxy

    Hi, I recently bought proxies. I am trying to use them with "whois scraper" addon. When I test the proxies they are all good. Now, when I open whois scraper, load the file and start scraping, at the bottom it shows proxies used "NONE". How do I use that?
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    finding .edu blogs with scrapebox?

    How to find .edu blogs to comment on with scrapebox?
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    how do i check backlinks with scrapebox

    i made a few comments manually to some high PR blogs, found their links through scrapebox. Now, when I checked if my comments were approved, some of them approved it and some of them are waiting. So I thought of having scrapebox check it for me , if my link is shown on that page. So i selected...
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    i am getting negative , totally discouraged, please cheer me up.

    I had a nice going full time offline job, but i thought i deserved more then that. My job was to handle a team on the operations and make sure I cheer them up and make sure they are working fine and happily. Then I decided to quit that job and take up my passion [internet marketing and...
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    Potential first SEO offline client. Final meet tomorrow. Please advise.

    So, I have started capturing local market. Contact a few business owners last week and had a first meeting yesterday. Explained why SEO is important for them and how exactly its gonna benefit their business. They were like "umm hmm, ok". Get here with a quote tomorrow and we'd see how it goes...
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    SeNukeX server still down for me.

    Well, I know they have been facing DDoS. BUt is it fine now? I am still unable to access their website, program, forum.
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    sick submitter fails.

    Well, I was a little impressed by senukex and thought to give a try to their competitors. So I downloaded trial of sick submitter as their monthly fee is significantly cheap then senuke. And what can i say? IT SUCKS. 5 URLs to test forum profile generation, all 5 failed :)