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    Adsense + Wordpress Blog Journey To $100 a Day

    Hello Folks, I have a new wordpress blog from which I am making $2 a day average. I want to scale it to $100 a day by the end of March 2019. is it possible?? i guess so.. :) Yesterday I got 5 clicks - 2 high CPC clicks from USA and 3 from Saudi Arabia :) About me - I have good...
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    Unlock USB drive - hidden/copy protected with copylock USB2?

    How to unlock usb device? It is fully hidden, I cant see even the drive path and its content. It is intentionally locked by the company with the help of copylock software to protect some files. I want to copy or clone the content in my hard disk.. Pls help
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    Hide users phone numbers in wordpress blog comments?

    Hi Folks, Please help me to hide/censor phone numbers in comment section of my wordpress blog. I dont want to manually edit 100s of comments everyday. Is their any plugin which can change phone numbers automatically.. example - from 1234567890 to 123******* Thanks
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    ██DarkHorse██ WEB2.0 Service█This service may not last long█HURRY

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    Buy .ir (Iranian TLD) expired domain?

    From where i can buy .ir TLD expired domain. I checked on but .ir is not there.
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    Scam in the name of high TF CF & PR - PBN links [BEWARE]

    I have no idea what's wrong with some marketplace sellers? They are scamming people in the name of TF CF and PR. I feel sorry for people who buy links from them. I got a free review copy from a seller few days back. He gave me a link from a website with following metrics:- PR - 2 TF- 18 CF- 26...
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    My blog is getting natural backlinks

    Hi Folks, Today I saw that my blog has got one natural link from DA 40 PA 45 website. They published the post on 8th April and gave internal link to my blog article. It feels really awesome:) My blog gets around 2000 visits/day and making 15$ per day with adsense. I am also promoting some...
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    Get Link Juice From,, Only 10 slots {FREE}

    Hi Folks, This is a good opportunity for you to get a link from my blog which has very good link profile. In order to get link, you have to send an article to me and I will publish that on my blog. Your post snippet will be on homepage for a month. I do not sell link on this blog, i am offering...
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    Serious Journey to $1000 a day! (Affiliate, CPA. Adsense) All method explained in detail.

    Hi folks, I was working for an SEO company but from now I am my own boss! I am already making some $$ through IM but i want to scale that up to 1000usd a day. I used to make 300usd a day 6 months back but I took it lightly and all my websites ranking got dropped because i was not doing SEO. Now...
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    100% Manual & Finest Top 25 Social Bookmarking + Top 25 Profile Links Only At $6

    ---- THREAD CLOSED 04/19/2016 ---- :) Contact Us Anytime Email - [email protected] Skype - manual.seo Payment: Paypal id - [email protected] For bulk order kindly send required information in any format to given mail id.
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    Website copied and Ranking dropped - What should I do?

    Hi, Someone copied my whole website and my ranking dropped from 3rd position to 5th page in Google. After doing some research i found that his domain age is older than mine but my domain name has exact keyword with some suffix. My domain is 1 year old and his domain is 2 year old. for further...
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    Here is my 6 days Clickbank stats? Suggest some tips

    Hi guys!I am doing CB affiliate marketing from last 6 days and earned 100 USD so far.. my traffic source is google organic. I am getting around 1000 unique visits per day in my blog.I am promoting a product which has gravity of 2.5. Advise me some good CB tips Thanks Edit - image is not clear...
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    My first 1000$$$ using cleanfiles PPD and YT + Blogger

    Hi guys!! I made my first 1000 dollar online and this is very exciting, I used cleanfiles PPD, blogger blog and YT.. What i did is very simple, I created a blogger blog on a niche and did some SEO then money started rolling in. OMG this is so simple. I have 2 niche and it took me around 4...
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    Redirect blog traffic to YT video without them knowing..??

    Is there any way to redirect my blog traffic to youtube videos without them knowing..? any script or something like that.... i have some useless blog with around 1000 visits per day..
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    Help needed with changing url structure of dynamic pages

    currently my url is something like this.. what i want to make it like .. javascript i am using is.. function reload(form) { var...
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    Fetch database from website

    Hi there, Currently i have a database with so many errors. i want to update it but it takes lots of time, so if there is any way or script or bot to fetch the information from other website database and create my own database with all information. thanks
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    URL Structure 301 redirect, help needed

    Hi there, I have a live website for which i have re-written the url structure in exel sheet. I have updated that url structure in beta(development)site... before going to live should i redirect(301) from my old live url to new live url, or i should i redirect beta url to new live url... I m...
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    I found free .ru link networks which works (see stats)

    Hi guys, I am doing YT and PPD.. recently i found a niche with 8500 global exact search. i created a blogger blog and targeted the main keyword in domain, title, description and in content. Competition is medium in this keyword.. I was getting traffic from YT only and was not focussing on...
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    CPC is 11$ and competition is low, help needed!!

    hello there, I found a keyword whose "exact" search volume is 15k and "broad" search volume is 50k /month globally, with low competition and CPC is of 11$, 75% of search in USA But i have heard that when cpc increases, competiton also increases.. so how come here is 11$ cpc with low...
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    web2.0 blogs and translated article

    Hi all!! Please help me in this topic.. is it safe to use translated article in web2 blogs? I am taking article from french website and using it in my blogs after translation and linking it to my money site.. Sorry for my english.. Thanks