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    ISO: Expert Scraper to Export Data from E-Mails and Social Media into Spreadsheet

    I have an e-mail address (currently at gmail) that is signed up for about 75 mailing lists for upcoming events and announcements. I do not want to constantly have to check these e-mails and then if I do not know what a specific event is, I do not want to have to look it up and see if it's...
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    ISO: Expert In CAPTCHA Bypass and Scraping

    Hi - I'm seeking to build a program that can look at websites and detect when there are changes made. For example, if a new listing is made etc. You can do this easily with extension but some of the sites detect something amiss and throw CAPTCHA at it which screw things up. I...
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    accessing 'old' version of Ticketmaster

    This may be the incorrect place for this thread - feel free to move it. Ticketmaster has a relatively new version which you can see when you go on and it generally displays seating charts from which you can select. There is an older version where you just put in the # of seats and the price...
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    Seeking Advanced Ticket Bot Creator

    We are looking for a programmer/developer that is interested in building a sophisticated bot for purchasing tickets on Ticketmaster and similar sites the moment they go on sale. If you have done work here already, and depending on the circumstances, we would purchase work-product you have...