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    How much do adult websites pay per view?

    I was thinking of starting an adult journey on Xvideos but I want to know how much I would make per view. Also, tell me if this is a bad idea or not but I thought instead of just reuploading content, I can just pay girls in real life to make videos and cut their face/my face out? Get laid and...
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    Is it possible to steal website design?

    Hey, is it possible to go on a website like Facebook for instance and completely duplicate it? I'm not talking about Facebook specifically though, it's something much simpler. How much would something like this cost if I got someone to do it?
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    How do I rank a YouTube playlist?

    When you go on YouTube and you search something like "rap playlist 2017" you get a bunch of options, how do I get to the top of that? My plan is to make a playlist (within my niche) with really popular and high quality videos and just throw one of my videos somewhere around the middle. Has...
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    Gonna monetize the rap game bois

    Hey, I'm Bacchusbeats, from this point on I'm gonna work on making music in my free time (also a student). As of now I'm only making beats but I plan to start rapping down the line. I only have one beat uploaded as of now on youtube/soundcloud which has 1.4k views. My goal is to eventually earn...