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    the big why on your life, why do you need money

    The worlds first horse to human penis transplant is turning out to be more expensive than anticipated.
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    What are you drinking tonight?

    Pepsi max atm but will be moving onto the Stella very soon.
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    I unfriended my crush

    This will help you forget him
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    I thought only boomers believed in the covid hoax ?

    I can't stress enough that I do not trust my (or any) government or politicians. I do have a certain trust in science and everything that I have researched seems to indicate that the vaccine is safe. I fully understand that some people are hesitant and fear side effects but personally I fear...
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    I thought only boomers believed in the covid hoax ?

    No, won't ignore. Too much comedy value provided by the Anti Vax community, fucking hilarious.
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    I thought only boomers believed in the covid hoax ?

    Thank you, will add to my list!
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    I thought only boomers believed in the covid hoax ?

    Funny how most Anti-Vax people call everybody sheeple but will happily follow a syrup wearing, orange, lying, stealing, diaper wearing, megalomaniac! Haha lmao
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    I thought only boomers believed in the covid hoax ?

    Utterly ridiculous thread, no point arguing with these clowns because the whole purpose of these threads is to cause drama. Clowns and muppets!
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    How to Index third party url or parasite links quickly?

    What parasites are you using? Check to see if your choice of sites are the problem.
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    What the f*ck is going on here?

    Such a shame if this is really true. It will stop a lot of people joining the forum. What real marketer wants to be associated with NegSEO? People will join under fake names, not contribute to the forum, just to buy low grade rubbish to try to destroy their competitors. Not sure what the cause...
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    Back to bhw

    Were you banned OP? Deleted member 110025 Guest
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    [Sarkar Seo] Does he sell quality or crap BL?

    I have never bought services from Sarkar so can't tell you the quality of his work but I would avoid dealing with anybody who doesn't come into a thread to defend their own services. The guy never seems to post or contribute to the forum other than his sales thread and ad spend. His aggressive...
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    Scamming people like spoony

    I skimmed the post but how do you know he was scamming? How was he faking depression? People choose to send him money so not sure what the scam is.
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    2000+ LinkedIn Connections

    request this thread is hidden and attachments deleted as method no longer works and accounts will get flagged.
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    I have a confession to make.

    Dude, I suggest sorting out your mental health. BHW is not necessarily the best place for you to discuss your issues. Get professional help.