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    Need advice on crowdfunding

    Hello, I have a family member suffering of a really though health problem and I am starting a gof** dme campaign to raise needed funds to deal with this problem. I am currently getting a video done and the next step is promote the crowdfunding campaign but my main concern is how will I be able...
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    does anyone need a moretweets invite?

    I've seen a growing interest in moretweets invites so i will also try to add as much invites as needed for BHW people. Here is the first one.
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    A Couple of Demonoid Invites

    Hello, I have a couple of demonoid invites and as I see there are very interested BHW people on those, so I am going to share them. I would like to have invites to thevault in exchange or any other good site.
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    I have a blog with PR 3 but the infomration has lost, HELP!

    Hello BHWers, I have a blog which has aquired the PR of 3 and suddenly, the person who had the hosting of my blog erased all the information. I had to install a new blog on my own hosting (which is what I had to do at first) but I can't recover the postings, images, links and everything the...
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    I will Pay $100 if you Help me get my money back from this a**hole!

    Hello BHWers, Well, here is my story: I was hired by some friend to help him design a online training website, I am not a designer but I told him I could find someone to do it for him. I went to GAF and posted a project for this subject, lots of people made their bids and I thought that the...