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    Have you ever taken bank loan to run a SEO project?

    If yes, what were the results. The project got succeeded or you bankrupt.
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    My flippa listing won by bidder but I don't wanna sell

    I listed my site couple of day ago through auction bid and today the auction ended and won by a bidder for $501,although I put the reserve price $1000 but once I got a bid for $500 flippa suggested to reserve price for $501. I did the same hence its won by another bidder. I don't have an idea...
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    Siteground hosting charging $20 every month for hosting

    My site is just a starter affiliate blog, I host my site with siteground but I feel now it's time to move on , siteground charging for usd 20 everymonth, means I'm paying $240 for just hosting. Pls suggest good hosting which is cheaper BTW my hosting expires on next month 2nd.
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    Too much bot traffic to my new site

    I just checked my site n surprised to see just now in analytics it shows below this. digged for more info I see got more than 1000 page views in just seconds of time though it doesn't rank for any organic keywords. I checked the acquisition in analytics and found this keyword...
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    How many days to receive clickbank cheque in India?

    Before I change the payment method clickbank already processed the 1st payment of mine where I mistakenly entered incomplete address so if they send payment to that address, how many days it will take to receive in India? I approached clickbank support regarding this they said they already...
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    How to become an extrovert from being an introvert?

    I'm 35 male, diverced last year, even lost my good accountant job. I'm an introvert, I like to spend time of my own and whenever I get free time I just browse this forum. I don't have much so called friends but few of them really love me and can do anything for me with them only I open up...
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    Google penalize if we put keyword in bold?

    I have read somewhere that if we put keywords in bold google Google don't like it?
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    How can I write main keyword text in the featured image?

    I tried to edit n write text for the main keyword in featured image but it's getting black for sides border. Could anyone help how do you edit text on featured image.
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    How to make the H1 title bold?

    I have 0 knowledge about coding but one of my website need to customize so how can I make the H1 title tag bold, I tried to make it through right click n check source and edit html code for bold but it's not OK.
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    Title & h1 tag should be exact keyword?

    Have seen many controversies here few say should not confuse Google so put the title itself h1. But Brian Dean says the primary keyword should appear in title, h1 and h2 tags. How do you guys optimize for better ranking in Google in 2020?
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    How to outrank parasites with a fresh website?

    I just created a fresh affiliate site trying to create articles with low search volume keywords but I see few parasites sitting in top3. Is it possible to outrank those on fresh domain new site?
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    Where do you get content Images for affiliate sites

    I tried to find in Google without license pics but I don't see much and I'm afraid if I use their images on my site, will there be a copyright issues?
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    What's the best theme in Astra pro for affiliate sites

    I have Astra pro license for my new site but I can't see a good yet simple theme for my affiliate site. The themes as starter sites show there are not related to the niche I'm in. I feel like I lost $50 just for purchasing pro. Could you guys help me out what theme is best for affiliate sites...
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    How do you hire writers in upwork?

    What strategy you put in order to find a good writer in upwork, I just posted my first requirement about I really don't have an idea how to vet them to get a good one. Do you guys use a template,? How much you charge for a native writer? And have you found your best writer for cheap rates...
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    What's the theme you have on your affiliate sites?

    I think now most use Astra or generate press? I stumbled upon what's the best theme out there for an affiliate site like clickbank?
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    can i copy my competitor about us, privacy policy pages?

    I am creating an affiliate website so to create the pages if I copy about us & privacy policy pages of my competitors, is there any problem in the future?
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    Clickbank Account suspended kindly Help?

    Hey folks its been few days I created my ClickBank account and all is good, I made 1 sale as well. but today when I opened my dashboard I see the below message. Your ClickBank account has been suspended. After reviewing your ClickBank account, we have concerns about your account activity. If...
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    4 order from submits but only 1 sale?

    I was just analyzing the stats of my clickbank account and I see in the graph that order form submitted 4 but initial sale only 1. What could be the reason behind this?
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    How much should be engagement percentage is good for Instagram influencers?

    I'm trying to promote few of my projects through Instagram influencers method but I'm struck at what the the percentage of engagement is good in terms bring engagement to my post?
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    Clickbank with health affiliates site?

    Well I'm planning to start a project with clickbank affiliates site in health niche. I will promote all health offers of clickbank through SEO. Is there anyone doing clickbank with niches ite? How's the site going on and how much time it will take to start seeing rankings? What's your...