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    How much do adult websites pay per view?

    I was thinking of starting an adult journey on Xvideos but I want to know how much I would make per view. Also, tell me if this is a bad idea or not but I thought instead of just reuploading content, I can just pay girls in real life to make videos and cut their face/my face out? Get laid and...
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    Is it possible to steal website design?

    Yes, but how?
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    Is it possible to steal website design?

    Hey, is it possible to go on a website like Facebook for instance and completely duplicate it? I'm not talking about Facebook specifically though, it's something much simpler. How much would something like this cost if I got someone to do it?
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    Satoshi Nakamoto dead?!

    You guys are looking way too deep into this, dude obviously isn't Japanese. Greatest snake oil salesman of all time, should be a BHW mod by now. He probably mined a shit ton of Bitcoin before he set off his ploy, now he's swimming in money laughing at all the morons that pay 8k+ for something...
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    How do I rank a YouTube playlist?

    When you go on YouTube and you search something like "rap playlist 2017" you get a bunch of options, how do I get to the top of that? My plan is to make a playlist (within my niche) with really popular and high quality videos and just throw one of my videos somewhere around the middle. Has...
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    Why did the Ether drop of 8% this night , it hurt

    The things with most stocks is that they're backed by something tangible like a company or a product. Cryptocurrency really has nothing to offer, it's only worth as much as it is because people think it is worth that much. A good example is when someone prevalent in the media says it's...
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    Why did the Ether drop of 8% this night , it hurt

    Investing in cryptocurrency is much riskier than people make it out to be. As soon as the government starts regulating it (presumably tax), the value is gonna absolutely bomb. The only plausible reason to use cryptocurrency as actual currency is if you're dodging taxes or doing something illegal.
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    Getting a Paypal refund successfully?

    Actually, PayPal is really lenient when it comes to giving refunds. If you open a case and the other guy doesn't respond within a couple days, they might issue a chargeback on his account. I did it just recently.
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    [METHOD] Make easy $50+/day using Instagram.

    I'm kind of confused, do I not post anything on the Instagram accounts? Just blank accounts to follow people?
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    Sent you $10 on Paypal, username is bacchusbeats. Also, sent an inquiry about a custom order in the ticket section.
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    Gonna monetize the rap game bois

    You guys want some BHW rap beef or nah? Come get this free smoke
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    Gonna monetize the rap game bois

    Haha, I'm not saying I'm some kind of street gangbanging rap professional. I'm just looking on these forums and I see most methods are short term or really work-intensive. With rap you can just drop something semi-hot then hop on twitter and diss a big rapper so yea, twitter fingers bro. Btw...
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    Gonna monetize the rap game bois

    Hey, I'm Bacchusbeats, from this point on I'm gonna work on making music in my free time (also a student). As of now I'm only making beats but I plan to start rapping down the line. I only have one beat uploaded as of now on youtube/soundcloud which has 1.4k views. My goal is to eventually earn...