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    Adwords Voucher wanted

    I have 5 X $75 Vouchers - $30 for all
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    10,000 Real& Guaranteed PTC visitors for just $9.99 (adsense safe,improves alexa rank)

    $13.99 sent for 5000 US Traffic for 100 per day. Let me know when the campign will start ? Thanks
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    3-600 Social Bookmarks Social Account Creation Adult Bookmarking and more...

    Any idea when are you going to complete my 4 x 300 order, all information sent to you over 3 days now ???
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    1k, 2k SEO Friendly Directories Submission starting from $20

    2K order completed on time as expected...
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    Social Bookmarks 300+ Sites From $8 24hr Completion Digg, Reddit, Mixx...

    Order has been placed yesterday and I sent you all the details via PM. Any idea when would I get my report and the answers to my PM order ?
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    1k, 2k SEO Friendly Directories Submission starting from $20

    2K order placed and information PM'd, let me know when its done..
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    Fake Hits Bot

    Check this site, is this what you are looking for ? they have a demo working version on the site :
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    Charging for SMS

    Is there any information where it explains how you can setup a site where people will signup to get SMS messages as a service in return you charge their phone a fee per message ?
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    Youtube, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo accounts - Highest quality for lowest price

    WARNING for those who are planning to get G accounts from -KoD- : Just got a large batch of accounts, reset the passwords using proxies and every single account got disable the following day...... Some of the accounts were already disabled when arravied, he would NOT honor his BS...
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    Best Networks for email and zip submits

    Which one of these networks pay via PayPal ?
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    ~ UNLIMITED FREE Adwords Vouchers ~

    no more codes being sent in the email.. The email comes blank in the code section :(
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    Gmail Account Creation Service - Cheapest

    Finaly received my 1K G accounts. I need to test and see how good they are..
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    Gmail Account Creation Service - Cheapest

    So are you going to respond to my emails for 1K gmail accounts order that I placed over 3 days ago or are you going to ignore all the emails. If you ant deliver please refund my money. Sorry to put this in public, but you left me with no choice.... I will follow up with another post to report...
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    Gmail Account Creation Service - Cheapest

    Hey I have sent you an order and payment its been over 3 days for G accounts, any idea when I will be getting them ?
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    Gmail Account Creation Service - Cheapest

    I sent my order via email today. Let me know when can I get them ? Thanks