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    NO BS PBN - 40+ DR, up to 400+ RD +all auctioned domains


    Looking for people with sites stuck in page 3 or 4

    Must be clean (no spam, not spammy niche, no automated software links) We're looking to do testing for our audit, detox and links. If you got hit with Fred or just plain stuck - PM us.

    [Journey] Adventures through the "Amazon"

    My Background: I graduated with a degree on business management with a minor in marketing back in 2008. Seriously. What a great time to graduate with a business degree in the midst of one of the worst recessions the world has seen. We never had the mass layoffs in the area where I lived which...

    [Help] I just got limited by hosting provider 4 consumed in 5 days

    Y_Y Can anyone suggest me a good host that is reliable and can handle thousands of uniques a day. My site consumes around 500gb in around 4 days, I need to transfer it asap, loosing so much traffic in the process. I didnt expect my site to grow this fast. Thanks!

    Got an email from UDRP :|

    Hey guys, Ive been served an URDP complaint. lol. How long does it take to resolve the issue? Im planning to give them the domain anyway, Ive earned enough from that site in 2 months so im not worried about giving it away. My biggest regret is that its pr 4 domain, and I would like to feed it to...

    Whats the best alternative for hma?

    Recently I found out that hma restricts the use of their vpn for only 1 computer. Whats the best alternative out there? that I can use in multiple vps simultaneously. :) Thanks

    Has anyone tried to outrank an .edu site?

    My client wants me to rank in school related keywords and after checking the competition most sites that comprise the first 1st page are all .edu sites but have small anchored backlinks or backlinks to the page. On average of all keywords #1 has around 50 backlinks to the page .edu site pr 5 and...

    Captcha Solver Software?

    Hi guys, are there any captcha solver software available? Im spending more than $30 a day in captcha alone.. I don't care about the price and the hardware requirements if in the long run it will save me a lot of money. P.S. What does decaptcher and deathbycaptcha use in solving captchas? I...

    301 need advice

    I just bought a domain from the auction, its pr 5, 9yrs age, dmoz registered with solid backlinks. im planning to 301 redirect it to my new site. my question is which site would i build backlinks to, my new site? or the site that i just redirected(purchased)? im getting mixed answers on this...
  10. WARHOL

    kinds Facebook Invite all(can input number of invites)

    I saw a lot of people requesting for invite all javascripts lately so i decided to make a tutorial. :) P.S. social media thread is so quiet now. 1st. Download Mozilla Firefox browser then install 2nd. Download Grease Monkey then install...
  11. WARHOL

    Training senuke to post to edu wikis

    how do they do it? is it older version of senuke?
  12. WARHOL

    [help] how to rank on bing and yahoo?

    my website has been number 1 on google for a month now, but nowhere to be found on bing and yahoo. Thanks! :)