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    How to save contacts automaticlly?

    Hello, did anyone know how to save contacts from whatsapp chat automatically? because adding more than 5k contact is too hard manually.
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    Help me my website is blocked

    Hi, I start opening a new website and it get hundreds of share but Facebook Block it after 2 hours of start posting. Did any one of you have some ideas to unblock it or any worked page to contact Facebook ?
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    why my urls are not ranking too fast ?

    recently i opened a new http website about women nishe. google ranking is too slow also UR and DR are very down even the powerfuls backlinks i make for url I have a good articles focused on targeted keywords but url stille disappear from google search after 24 hours of claiming fetsh as google...
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    What is low cost you ever get ?

    Hi, I hope you are all fine . Every one tell us what is low cost per engagement get on facebook ads targeting united state users ?
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    This is what i got no les no more

    Hi, Every one, I have a explain about my first post ok. What i did is: building 32 backlinks profile from big companies like amazon and adobe .... The result that i get is real, i moved from page 2 to position number 6 in google results, Tell what you want you will make no difference,Because i...
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    try this way at build links ?

    Let me share with you on of my best black hat Seo, This strategy is depends on build links using 50% you keyword and other 50% mix long tail keyword. what is number links you will build ? I was building 25 links from 5 same nich forums every Day, I search for high PR pages and i put my link on...
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    Hi, What do you think ?

    Hi, all members of this forum, i will share with you my experience at build backlinks. Befor a week i buy a service for $ 30 to get around 32 backlinks PR 7 to 9. but the surprise, I notice that my website is move from page number 2 into position number 6 in google results for a keyword that...