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    Why are a lot of sites like these popping up? Are they sites hosted by google? Many of these take up a high ranking spots in random niches and link back to other sites.
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    DMCA removal from google search

    I'm used to getting these since my site is a streaming one every time it does happen I take a huge hit in traffic because the specific links that do get hit are the ones that are giving me a huge amount of traffic, but always bounces back and I get traffic from newer episodes. What I'm wondering...
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    Selling advertising

    Is selling adspace on a streaming site a viable option to make profit? If so what are the best ways to go about doing it
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    Selling ad space?

    I'm looking into ways so gain profit from a site I created about a year ago and I'm curious about selling adspace anyone have experience with this?
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    Suddenly lost a lot of traffic

    My site was getting atleast 3,000 to 4,000 consistent visitors a day, but now all of the sudden I can barely scratch 2,000. I've changed nothing about the site core wise and content is added daily I'm not sure why the sudden crash in visitors
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    AD companies for streaming

    What are good ad companies to use for streaming these are the ones I know 1. Propellar 2. Ad-center 3. Revcontent any others?
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    Journey to 10$ a day

    Hello I've been lurking on these forums quite awhile for methods to make money. I started out using a Facebook method to make some money to start up my own streaming site, but would get more accounts banned automatically than anything to get what I needed. This resulted in me looking to find a...
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    Script Error

    My script runs fine for awhile but runs into these errors and the site crashes eventually PHP Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in /home/admin/web/ on line 155 and defined in...
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    Scrape Embed codes

    I need a bot that will scrape embed codes from a website and post them in a specific way on wordpress
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    Can anyone recommend good trustworthy people to get a bot done?
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    Never got what was agreed upon (Moiisam10)

    I posted a thread on "Hire a freelancer" and got contacted by Moiisam10 After adding him on skype and talking about what I needed done he told me he could do it and said the first half needed to be paid before he started which was 80. I wasn't comfortable with 80, but i wanted this done so I...
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    Episode uploader

    Basically looking for someone to add episodes to my streaming site we can talk details
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    WP Anime/Scrape Engines

    I'm looking to automate my streaming website. I was going to do this months before, but money was an issue. Anyway, I want an opinion should I invest my money on "WP Anime" does anyone have any opinions on this plugin? Is it reliable etc or should I pay someone to build me a custom one
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    Blogger to WordPress conversion

    I currently have a site running through blogger since I couldn't afford any kind of hosting. The thing is I want to be prepared when I actually can afford hosting. The site is using a custom template that I want to stick with when I do switch to what will most likely be WordPress, so the problem...
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    Streaming websites help/advice

    So I've been interested and working on building a streaming anime site. I started this project a couple months ago. I had no coding html/css experience nada but hours of hardcore headaches and trial and error got me a working site. I have over 1,000+ episodes added and a modest amount of traffic...
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    Selling Facebook Accounts and groups question

    Is there still a market nowadays for selling facebook accounts with 5,000 friends or groups with over 10k members?