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    Looking for fashion expert to identify clothing items by photo

    Hello, I'm looking for a fashion expert, who will receive photos of famous people from me and tell me the exact clothing items that are visible in that photo. We can talk about payment privately. Thanks
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    Wordpress beginner question with design

    Hello guys, I want to start a wordpress affiliate marketing blog in the fashion niche and I'm not sure how to really start with the design of my site. I already wrote down what I want in my website like a login page, a member page, a social media bar and many other things. Now there are three...
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    Buying views destroying ranks?

    Hey guys, I posted a video in the music production "type beat" niche and wanted to boost my ranks, which I can check with my vidIQ pro. The moment after the views came in (dripfeed and not like 1000 in an hour), my video dropped away in all my video keywords. When searching for the keyword, even...
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    Want to build my own network of youtube accounts pushing my videos | questions

    Hey guys, so I bought a few youtube accounts, a few proxies and jarvee. Everything is working fine. I want to use those accounts to boost my views and watchtime and I have a few questions. 1. What are the daily limits for views per account on Jarvee? Right now I'm using 75-150 views/day and it...
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    Looking for Proxies to use with Instagram/Reddit/Youtube

    Hello guys, I'm looking for proxies that I can use with jarvee automation to: 1. Scrape Instagram Content with (no other automation actions) on a cheap scraper account. 2. Use for my reddit voter bot to upvote specific posts. 3. For automating Youtube views/likes to push my videos. and maybe if...
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    Botting one account with home IP?

    Hello guys, I was using Jarvee before to bot around 20 accounts, including my personal one from a vps with proxies. In June I got hit by an AC message for my personal account and stopped botting on that account. A big issue with botting for that account was that I used in on my mobile phone all...
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    What do you do after you get an account compromised?

    Hello guys, so I have a musician account on IG that I use on my phone all the time and I used to bot the account the same time until a few months ago I got hit by this AC (account compromised) message. Then I stopped all bot actions and continued to use it only normally with my phone. Now Im...
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    Buying Instagram Likes

    Hey guys, im looking for good Instagram likes. All panels I tried didnt work and if they worked then the likes were shitty af. Can you recommend me a good smm panel right now for good Instagram likes? Thank you
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    Instgram Login Error - "Get Help Logging In" loop - no solution yet

    Hello, I have an Instagram Login Error that I couldnt find a solution for yet. Im already going that far and serious with it, I would even offer money if someone could help me finding the solution. I tried to buy an Instagram account using an escrow service (to get the username). The escrow...
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    Anyone faced this Instagram error before?

    Hey guys, So an escrow service I tried to use to buy an account from someone messed something up and now the account I wanted to buy shows a strange error when logging in. Anyone else who have seen this error before?The "get help logging in" button only leads to a troubleshooting page...
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    Socialtradia Escrow Service Insta Account

    Hello, so around 3 weeks ago I paid socialtradia for their escrow service to help me buy an insta account to get the username. Somehow they managed to mess up the change of the password and email of the seller's account so they told the seller that it's going to take 2 weeks to recover the...
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    Jarvee presets?

    Hey guys, so I wanted to ask if there is a way in Jarvee to save different like or follow settings so I can have 3 different setting options like for example: after acc creation, week 2 settings and week4+ settings that I can just assign to my accounts then
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    Swapping IG Usernames?

    Hello, so I bought an Insta account (B) because I want to use its username for my big instagram account (A). After receiving the account credentials of B I want to basically swap the usernames, meaning my big account A takes the instaname of B and B takes the name of A afterwards. Can I simply...
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    IG penalty box and follow block

    Hey guys, so now that I am blocked from follow actions for almost a week, I heard that the block might be so long because my account was already in a penalty box for suspicous behavior. Im using my account for serious Business and got two questions. 1. How would that affect my range with...
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    Buy specific instagram username account

    Hello, I have a question. I want to have an account because of its specific username. The account owner has agreed with me about the price. Now I dont want to make a contract for it and Im looking for a way to make the transaction safely without the opportunity of the account seller to scam me...
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    Phone Verification Error

    Hello guys, so Im stuck with the problem that for my account I dont receive a sms code to my provider that Im using for the verification. Even if I click on get a new one no sms will be received. Problem now on 2 accounts and usually it always worked for me (did it many times already) Anyone...
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    Looking for the best WP Theme for my purposes (fashion)

    Hey guys, I could need a few recommendations from you. Im looking for a good WP Design for my website. The website is planned to work in the affiliate marketing fashion niche. The idea is to show a Person lets say for example Kylie Jenner wearing a specific bag and then to show that photo/video...
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    Should I change to an old youtube account?

    Hello guys, Im active on YouTube with around 500 subscribers and nearly 100k views. Im thinking about different strategies to outrank other people with my videos. I read that its a lot easier (?) to rank with an old, aged YouTube account. So Im not sure if I should stop with this account and...
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    Check if my account is shadowbanned?

    Hey guys, I came across a website (dunno if Im allowed to share the link here in the post) that could show me for every post if Instagram is shadowbanning them. Do you think that it is possible for a tool to check that or is it fake?
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    Too many Like/Follow blocks

    Hey guys, Im currently botting around 10 accounts on jarvee. I got a good proxy provider and lets say 6/10 accounts are working fine without any problems. The other 4 accounts are facing like and follow blocks. Some only follow 100 of the planned 500-600 likes a day and a few accounts only...