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    Has anyone tried Instamacro or xstagram?

    Hi! If you have tried instamacro or xstagram please share your experience and whether you think it is worth it and if you are still using it. Which one is better? Thank you!
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    Webstagram-Failed to load data. Please reload browser?

    Webstagram-Failed to load data. Please reload browser? This has been happening to me since yesterday and I try re logging and the same thing happens so no pictures are liked. Please help? Thanks! Never mind its working now!
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    Has anyone tried tompots bot?

    I might be myself and wanted to see if anyone else has. Thanks!
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    What is the difference between a mass liker imacro script and a bot for instagram?

    What is the difference between a mass liker imacro script and a bot for instagram? Is it that with the bot there are no limitation? Also, with the mass liker imacro script (which I tested on an account) all i got following the account was spam accounts. There really wasnt any real people that...
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    Why does this happen?

    Has anyone made a script that can allow you to follow and unfollow one ig accounts (example: instagram account or famous singer account) over and over so that you dont have to do it manually all day? This method works. I saw a youtube video on. You go to instagram ig account and unfollow them...
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    Question: Proxies & IG accounts?

    Hi! I got the xgram bot (free link in other thread!) I tested it and it seems to be working fine relating to commenting and liking pictures. I was wondering if anyone has realistic looking IG accounts so that it can follow one account and is also able to explain more about proxies. I am confused...
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    Has anyone tried this instagram bot?

    I wish there were more websites like these! They are the best I recommend! Thanks you!
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    Does anyone know or have a bot that will...

    Does anyone know or have a bot that will add followers to your account all at once any amount? Like for example, a bot that many websites use who try to sell ig followers that are ghost accounts. Just wondering if there were any. Thank you.
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    Has anyone tried websites similar to this...

    Has anyone tried websites similar to this and had it work? h t t p: //w w w h t t p: //w w w I dont trust any of those sites and just use imacro and like scripts especially cus of the surveys, which you can use fake name...
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    Instagram imacro like scripts

    Hi! I want to share a imacro like script that has been working very well for me. This imacro script consists of three .iim files. You will have to put them into the imacro folder. Login to web.stagram and open three different firefox browsers/windows and type in a max number and click on play...
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    How do these websites do this?

    Hi! I am just wondering how websites that offer people tp buy if followers , like how they do it. They use a bot? Like instapopularity or instagramfollowershack.blogspot (i dont trsut these anyway, just wondering how they do it adding all those followers so fast at once) ... How do they do it...
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    Similar sites to gramliker & gramhoot?

    Hi! Does anyone know of any similar sites to gramliker or gramhoot? Thank you.
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    followings not showing up.

    Hi! I want to unfollow the people that I am following however when i login to statigram and click on followings i click on more but none show up. I cant use a script because then it tells me that an error occurs because they cant find the line. I will keep trying to make it show up. Thanks.
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    How to disable or hack an instagram account.

    Hi. I really need help disabling or hacking into an instagram account that was stolen from me. Someone hacked it and I want it back. Does anyone know to hack or disable an instagram account? Thanks.
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    xStragram vs Mega IG Bot

    They are a good tool to help agin followers!
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    Instagram Following Bot

    Does anyone know of a free instagram following bot that helps you gain real ig followers? Thank you!
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    Need Instagram Unfollow Script!

    Can someone please help me find or make a working instagram unfollow script that will work on statigram with imacros? I have found a few around the forum but none of them seemed to work. I would appreciate any help you can offer! Thank you!