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    How to tell which script A website is using ?

    How would you tell the PHP script a website is running on ?
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    A soldier says freeze!

    If a soldier says freeze! While Pointing a gun at you and you literally pass your hands through where you might carry a pistol (your belt) and all the way above your head, isn't that technically the opposite of freezing!? If the soldier's point of saying freeze is the fact that he is worry of...
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    what do you think about this token ?

    Sonar Ping is among the newly listed coins on Coinmarketcap and it is a utility token rather than a memecoin, which I like the idea behind it. but as the team refused to mention any other pre-existing competitors, and i am sure there should always be, so are there any other pre-existing...
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    It Seems Elon Musk Has A New Baby - BabyDogeCoin!

    Just 30 Minutes ago Do you think he is going to work with babydoge as the new improved dogecoin ?
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    Is this the next Safemoon ?

    What are your thoughts on this coin Hyper Deflationary Token ?
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    Journey To The Moon! Creating New Shitcoin

    Domain = Namecheap Hosting = Namecheap CMS = Wordpress Cloudflare as well. ................................. As we all know all new shitcoins have some common features I will do that as well Tokenomics whale Protection Fair Launch .................................. To Do Some Thing Special For...
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    Static Homepage Vs Latest Posts For SEO ?

    Most of the SEO plugins I used have suggested me to set Static Homepage but Lately I have noticed that once I make latest posts as homepage Google indexes my site more frequently/faster so which one is good for a blog that is constantly updating like news site that the posts get outdated after x...
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    How to automatically delete wordpress posts after x days ?

    I have been searching for a way to delete all Wordpress posts including their media attachments after x days. I have seen a couple plugins but they have either not being updated lately or are very new and not good for security reasons. However I have found this code, Which is a cron that has...
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    Does Google Own The World ?

    What do Italians, Germans, French, or people speaking in non English languages use ? Google is no longer just a search engine, That goes for Facebook as well, it is not just a social media network, Imagine all the people from around the world and just 4 big companies run the whole internet and...
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    How to force cache clearn on users browsers ?

    let's say you have a website that is being cached on user's browser and the users are seeing outdated version of your site because their browser has cached it. how do you force the users to see the latest /updated version of your site ? is there anything you can do from your end apart from...
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    All Google Cares About Is This.

    I have been observing Google indexing patterns and experimenting with different kinds of websites lately. I came to the conclusion that all Google cares About is: (Domain Age + Original Content + Backlinks). and that is all folks!. SEO Optimizations + Speed Optimization + Quality Content +...
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    How many hours between posts to groups ?

    If i am sharing wordpress posts to 15 upto 20 facebook groups each post - then how many hours or days! is good amount to keep it humane ? i have tried 12 hours once and my account got temporarily locked, but i am not sure if that was the posting interval or the fact that some of the groups that...
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    Any One Familiar With Php Script Installations ?

    So, I have been learning and building on just Wordpress, recently i have started experimenting with PHP scripts. Could You Share Your Knowledge On Few Questions That I have Came Across. 1: How does one add google ads And Analytics Codes to PHP script ? "in WordPress I had to put Verification...
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    Is E-Coin Finance A revolutionary Or Copy Cat ?

    For those of you who have been a long time in the crypto world, is there any other coins that do the same job and have been in the game earlier ? It is Online Payment Platform That Pays Back like recent other Shitcoin, and has whale protection.
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    Is this hidden new gem or?

    What are your thoughts on Frost Fire?
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    Uniswap tustwallet balance 0

    Everything shows 0, i have some UNI that i have purchased through pancakeswap, but uniswap is showing 0 in every crypto on my wallet, what is this?
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    Safemoon VS Ravencoin ?

    which one is better to purchase for a newbie like me ? I would want to throw some small money on either of those or if you have something newer that you would suggst
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    How To Get Gooogle News Approval For A site ?

    Hey Everyone. do any of you have autopilot news approved on gooogle news ? or am I being at risk of deindexing my site going through check-up process for the news approval ? I have seen a website that is not ranked very well and is rubish content in the news section, and i think they got...
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    Any Plugin That Can Do This Magic! ?

    I have seen a website that is using normal Newspaper x Theme, but once this website is visited on mobile, then it loads like an app (First the posts can be navigated through swipe!, if you swipe left or right, one is able to navigate directly to either previous post or next post, so no need to...
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    How To Set Title Of Posts As Rankmath Focus Keyword Automatically ?

    My question is 2 parts 1: how to set all posts focus keywords from the post title automatically ? 2: how to do this for older posts that was already published ? i have read somewhere from rankmath documentation that this can be done by adding code into theme functions.php, but again i have...