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  1. escobart

    Video lyrics 2 days 2m views

    Is it possible if you dont buy any views? Like this video just upload 2 days ago, now 11 trending with 2m views
  2. escobart

    How to redirect to checkout clickbank safely

    Let say i want to run google ads. My funnel google ads > landing page > buy button > checkout clickbank I'm using some script to send traffic directly to checkout page clickbank after user click buy now. I'm using this method...
  3. escobart

    Adsense Site Doesn't Comply GDPR

    I just got email from adsense said that my site doesn't comply with Google's EU User Consent Policy. How can I fix this issue? Do I need to install GDPR plugin only? Or need to adjust privacy policy page too?
  4. escobart

    Youtube Adsense vs Web Adsense

    Which one more fun? And why?
  5. escobart

    10m views within 30 days = $100k income. What do you think?

    Before this I thought youtube rpm around $1-2 only. But after watching this guy making $100k with 10m views, he got RPM around $10. Is it because his credit card niche?
  6. escobart

    Server to support 1-2k online user

    What type of server that can handle 1-2k online user at one time? Currently i’m using vps server with litespeed. I’m not into dedicated. If possible i want to use vps / cloud server. My site is just simple blog like viral nova. We dont need user to sign in or store any data.
  7. escobart

    How to make money on youtube without doing video?

    Is it possible to make money on youtube without doing all kind of video creation? like outsource everything. is it profitable?
  8. escobart

    How The Hoth Successfull Compare To Others Provider?

    What do you think? They sell the same service (maybe reselling) but they stand out as seo service provider compare to others.
  9. escobart

    What is your average RPM for adsense?

    Mine is $2-4. So to make $100 per day I need at least 33k page views per day. What about you?
  10. escobart

    Traffic from

    Lately my site got thousands of visitor from But i dont run any google ads campaign My site has adsense on it. Maybe the ads show "related post" from my site? Anyone experience this before? I'm afraid that will be invalid click on adsense
  11. escobart

    Anyone didnt receive adsense payment yet?

    Why this month take so long until now dont get any email about payment. Anyone has the same problem? Or because it is thanksgiving?
  12. escobart

    How much & mp3juices make per month?

    I just wonder how much those people behind & mp3juices make per month. Both site has steady traffic around 100m+ per month.
  13. escobart

    Web Adsense vs Selling Service, Which One You Prefer?

    As you know to make money with adsense, you need huge amount of traffic. High paying keyword is hard to rank. So a lot of people go for low paying keyword that easy to rank but got thousands searches per month. Like me, my site got 1m pageviews and i can make $6-7k per month. My friend got...
  14. escobart

    Does social signal impact SEO?

    I got 1 competitor. After some research i can't find any backlink - maybe he hide from ahrefs etc. But what can i see, he keep add social signal (maybe buy cause he dont have any facebook page to share the link). His site got tons of traffic, around 1m per month from seo only. Does social...
  15. escobart

    How to get back instagram account (forgot email)

    I only remember username, forgot password and email. Is there any possible way to get back my account?
  16. escobart

    New ubersuggest, what do you think?

    I already try new ubersuggest tool from neil patel, seems legit. easy to use. for quick research i think just go for ubersuggest
  17. escobart

    What is your avg RPM for adsense?

    Mine is $2-3 So to achieve $100 per day, I need to generate 33,000+ page views per day. What's yours?
  18. escobart

    MKBHD: Its time to make more money

    The best review tech channel on youtube MKBHD, now start selling amazon things thru pick prime. I thinks it is brilliant. He already making money review product (adsense), sponsored video, now affiliate.
  19. escobart

    Clickbank Product Review Site

    Anyone promoting clickbank using product review site method? Is it better to choose lower gravity or go for high gravity. Cause low gravity not so popular, so the chances to get higher volume searches per day very low. Compare to high gravity -- got much more searches.
  20. escobart

    Investor vs bank loan, which one you choose?

    Dont borrow any money if you not starting business yet. That's the best advice. But if you want to scale the business, and you need more capital, which one do you prefer? Either taking money from investor or bank loan? For me if you just need small amount of money, and the bank can provide...