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  1. veboo

    Is there any service which sells themeforest themes at a lower rate?

    Is there any service which sells themeforest themes at a lower rate? Or if someone wants a premium theme that is on themeforest, that's it? If any place or service you can direct me to I would be grateful Thank you Veboo
  2. veboo

    Anyone knows any google footprints for dutch guestposts

    As the title says if anyone knows any google footprints for dutch guestposts please share it with me. I'm not a dutch speaker so it's hard to find sites allowing guest posts. If anyone knows a dork or footprint comment below. Highly appreciated.
  3. veboo

    Any country specific link providers?

    Need .be and .nl backlinks - be em PBNs or Quality contextual backlinks for tier 1. If anyone is there let me know with the prices. Only above to extensions expected
  4. veboo

    Anyone offering foreign language PBN/Guest posts - Dutch ?

    I need some link providers who accepts foreign language content - preferably dutch. I can provide you with dutch content so the seller need not to worry of writing the content himself. If so let me know with the prices.
  5. veboo

    There was a nice little guide on Local SEO recently.

    There was a nice little guide on Local SEO recently here. Can someone point me to that since I can not find that one anymore! Would be highly appreciated
  6. veboo

    Need some Real Canadian Personnel to review GMB

    As the title says : I need few canadians to review my local listing on GMB. I am willing to pay a reasonable amount. PS: I am not interested in bulk reviews. just a few from real canadians. if any one's there shoot me a PM with your price. The google account has to be 100% Canadian and is aged...
  7. veboo

    [WTB] Small niche sites that makes around $10-50 per month

    In need of some small niche sites that makes around $10-50 per month. I do not have a big budget. Looking for couple of sites. Preferred monetization method would be Amazon aff, Adsense or CPA and cuurent traffic source should be Organic traffic. Contact me with a reasonable offer. You should be...
  8. veboo

    I have $3000 credits on Google Cloud Platform. How can I monetize it?

    As the title says! Any suggestions?
  9. veboo

    Any Idea on how to monetize using Google Cloud

    Just asking the question with curiosity. Is there any way I can monetize my $2000 free credits on google Cloud. Open to suggestions
  10. veboo

    Need a product review article writer

    I need a native product review type article writer. an article should be around 1000 words per. I need couple of articles within the next 48 hours. This is for a quick experiment and does not have much time to write those articles by myself. Articles needs to be unique and handwritten and I...
  11. veboo

    [WTB] Tech Niche Youtube Channels - New channels accepted

    The channel should have at least five unique videos uploaded. I repeat the videos have to be unique! I know what I'm doing so I would know if the videos are copied from somewhere. Preferrably 2-6 month old new channels are preferrable View count is not a problem If you have let me know! Veboo
  12. veboo

    Is it possible to post Ref links in here at BHW?

    Just out of curiosity. Is it possible? Let's just someone would post on something and pointing it to a ref link with something like, Referral: obviouslyfakeurl.whatever/referral Non-referral: obviouslyfakeurl.whatever/non-referral Is this kinda behavior is against BHW TOS? :)
  13. veboo

    Google Page Speed Fails when trying to analyse my site

    Worked perfectly well before Whenever I try to test it now Error popups And as well as other weird thing I noticed was SEMrush analytics has gone crazy. Showing it has no traffic (1) 0 Traffic cost Previously semrush analysis showed that I was ranking for 1k+ keywords in top 100 (2 days...
  14. veboo

    Choosing a domain name for a specific city centric website?

    I'm starting to clarify something. What kind of a domain which would be effective for a specific city centric website. Ex: lets just say, If I do target london would it be or would rank better? (mere example) hoping to hear suggestions and reasons from you guys Veboo
  15. veboo

    Veboo is broke - Journey to Financial Independence in 2018

    Hi guys I have been here for 3 or more years now and I must mention and be grateful that BHW has been the greatest thing I have come across in IM world. So as the title suggests I AM BROKE :D Well a lil bit of my self I am an undergrad student reading for a IT related degree. For the past two...
  16. veboo

    Need Fiverr reviews

    Need fiverr reviews. Payment will be done via payoneer only. No paypal available. Shoot me a pm
  17. veboo

    Any Codeignitor Pro? Help this CI newbie with FTP handling:D

    When I come to programming i am a total newb. And if anyone's here able to help me with the following scenario. it would be greatly appreciated. Hope this is not against BHW rules? This is what I have done so far. Configured Filezilla FTP server on localhost. And added user: Admin with shared...
  18. veboo

    [WTB] Small Niche sites with 50-100 organic traffic from USA

    I am looking for Small Niche sites with 50-100 organic traffic per day from top tier countries like USA, UK, CA etc Contact me with the website name and with a reasonavble price Ty Veboo
  19. veboo

    Could you suggest a good S/w to create videos such this?

    FYI - This is not my video at all!! Need some video creation tool to do such explainatory videos. And if possible some names + Download links (Torrent maybe :3 :p) Would be greatly appreciated.
  20. veboo

    Need .UK Only Quality Blog/PBN Post Service

    Is there any .UK PBN posts provider here at BHW. If So can someone please share the link to the BST with me Veboo