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  1. Nihilism

    BEST GAME - Played

    New World by Amazon Studios is going to be the next "best game" imo.
  2. Nihilism

    Lets share best guest post sites ;););)

    Hey guys I have a better method for a free guest post. Create a google docs, post your content and links, and ta-da, you have yourself a guest post!
  3. Nihilism

    ⏩ ✅ ⚡⚡ Probably The Best Genuine Outreach You'll Ever Invest In ⚡⚡ - The Real Deal ✅ ◀️

    Order placed (#95AA10D8) looking forward to doing business! :)
  4. Nihilism

    $50 to invest. Need a Money Making Idea.

    Invest in some groceries and coffee, and maybe you have enough money to buy a domain and hosting to test something on. $50 is not enough to do anything, but this doesn't mean you can't learn, learning is free.
  5. Nihilism

    Jarvis AI Content

    Yes, I've recently been using the "content improver" instead. I break down the articles into small paragraphs, and use that tool to rewrite it, works like a charm but you have to go over it and optimize it. I don't really use the long form or article writing features anymore.
  6. Nihilism

    Funny gifs & pics

    do you have any ferret gifs?
  7. Nihilism

    YouTube Journey to $10k/Month in Hot Girls Niche

    Good stuff, following!
  8. Nihilism

    [Experiences] What Are Your Worst SEO Mistakes on The Money Site?

    Million dollar biggest mistake. 1. Disabled crawlers while I was updating content on site for a month as 2. My competitor stole all the content and submit to Google until 3. I enabled crawlers and submit website and got removed from first page while 4. My competitor is now rank 1-3 in 20+...
  9. Nihilism

    Don't give up

    or maybe an existential nihilist who would like to make the most out of life and least suffering since i'm already here :kek:
  10. Nihilism

    6 figures earnings

    I can definitely help out, hit me up!
  11. Nihilism

    Don't give up

    True, very true XD
  12. Nihilism

    All of that and I Still Don't Know How To Walk A Ferret

  13. Nihilism

    Don't give up

    Thanks and yeah I just realized it expired XD sometimes I wish the best for this forum, sometimes I want to smother it under a pillow in its sleep.
  14. Nihilism

    Don't give up

    I know this is super obvious. but to whoever needs to hear this, wherever you are in your journey, don't give up on yourself! I see so many discouraged people on this forum, mostly newbies but also some older members discouraged by no results, low money, shitty life situation, whatever you do...
  15. Nihilism

    All of that and I Still Don't Know How To Walk A Ferret

    but do you know about Big Clocks? @clock