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    I need someone to do my backlinking...

    Ok. I'm only looking for experienced backlinkers. Here's what I will need you to do: Link Magnets (I will provide you with instructions on how to do this) .Gov Backlinks (I will provide you with them) .Edu Backlinks (Same as above) High PR Backlinks (Same as above) I will email you with...
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    Is xrumerseo a trustworthy service?

    TO ALL MODS: I apologize if this question violates the TOS. Please remove this thread if it does so immediately. I also apologize if this has been asked before. Ok. I'm looking around to save myself some money, time, and hassle by looking for xrumer services. There is a website, it's...
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    Are there any honest websites that sell legit YouTube views?

    I'd like to know if there are any honest places that do that. Thanks.
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    I keep on getting denied by CPA networks, please help.

    I'm having more, and more trouble with signing up to these networks. Is there anyone who can help me to get approved with these networks?
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    Anyone try the WSO Commission-Avalanche?

    It looks like a really good WSO about making $$$ from guru product launches. Has anyone tried it before?
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    Is there any way to sign up with all article sites at once?

    Note to Mods: I'm not asking for any illegal software, warez, etc. Hi. Does anyone know of a way to sign up to all article sites at once? Perhaps there's a macro out there that can help with this. I know that there's a macro that does this for social bookmarking sites, but I'm unsure if...
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    Can you get into trouble with Craiglist scrapers?

    ATTN TO MODS: I'm not asking for any spam/illegal/hacking tools. I've been reading a lot about how these scrapers is actually just spamming tools. Craigslist says that you cannot send emails to people about emailing them with your products or services. I'm just worried about breaking the...
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    How do you get thousands of people to your AC article?

    I want to get a lot of people to Associated Content articles. The thing that sucks, is that they pay you only 1.50 for every 1K visitors to your article. Does AC have any set of rules as to what kind of traffic is allowed? I'd like to get some visitors very fast, if you know what I mean. I...
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    2 new products, very interesting...

    I was just emailed 2 websites today. I checked them out, and I was wondering if anyone else has seen them. What are your opinions about them? They are REO Sockstar My Software Business
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    Does anyone know of any spam-free CL software

    First of all, this disclaimer is for the mods: I'm not asking for any spam products, hacking, illegal products. I'm sorry if you view this post as that way, I never intended to make this post to seem that way. Ok. Now that that's out of the way, does anyone know of any spam-free CL software...
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    Strange product for finding super affiliates

    Found an interesting website. It's about finding super affiliates. The product is no longer maintained, but is still being sold. What's your opinion of it?
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    Are there any cpa sign-up exchange forums out there?

    Does anyone know if there are any forums like that? You know the kind that are, I sign up for your email submits as long as if you do the same for me? I'm not worried about being banned from my cpa network. Thanks.
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    Sorry if this is off topic but...

    Has anyone seen CPS Tsunami today? I saw part of the live seminar today, and this looks like a killer product. I knew that it would be expensive, and I was right. It costs 2K. The guy who made CPA Tsunami also gave some mention to Mike Filsaime's new product that comes out on the 13th, it's...
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    Anyone know of this new cpa plugin tool for hiding the ref?

    I'm not seeing too much chatter about it, and I'm wondering if this is woo-woo fake stuff, or if it' the real deal. I'm wondering whether or not to buy it or not. I see some of the older warriors buying it, but there's no follow up to it. What do some of you vet blackhatters think? Will this...