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  1. Tchiko

    You advice about this email service

    I receive by email this offer : I want to know if the service is authentic not scam for sending email in inbox not spam I want to try the basic package I've got a lot of emails (with scraping tool) until now i dont found the solution to send message in inbox...
  2. Tchiko

    [Facebook] Send private Message to no friend

    Hi, How many messages can i send by hour or by day for people who arent in my friends list and to not get blocked (or banned) by facebook ? Thank's
  3. Tchiko

    Get keywords from amazon product

    Hi, Is there any tool or website for getting the best keywords from amazon product (title) ? Thank's
  4. Tchiko

    Tutorial or Video for PPV / CPV method

    Hi, I'm newbie, i have learned how to choose the right cpa offer and how to find best website, keywordd related it but i dont found how to promote the offer with ppv / cpv method I can start only for low budget for testing after that i can increase the budget have you any NEW video or...
  5. Tchiko

    First message before to send mass email (scraped list)

    Hi, I'm newbie in email marketing, i have scraped some emails by niche, but i heard before to send email with offer, i must send first message for welcome This message is called "message 0" as : Your friend had added you to our list for receiving some good stuff about 'niche' ...etc Have you...
  6. Tchiko

    Paid tool for getting emails of any pages or groups in facebook

    Hi, I'm newbie; I use this paid tool "" for getting emails from facebook groups and page but the result is very poor. For example, FB page with more than 200k i got only 10 emails, also for FB group more than 1 milions i got only 100 emails and many times i got 0 emails Is there...
  7. Tchiko

    How to check emails list before to begin email marketing ?

    Hi, I've emails list, but when i try to send for parts of emails, i've some emails rejected (doesnt exist or doesnt wort, the syntax is ok) Is there a free tool for testing an emails list before to send ? Thank's
  8. Tchiko down ?

    Hi, I dont know if the website is down or i've restriction from France ? Can you confirm me plz ? Thank's
  9. Tchiko

    Contact who post a comment in play store

    Hi BHW, I want to know if there is way to contact who post a comment in Play Store and i'm not an owner of the app ? Thank's for all
  10. Tchiko

    Best paid website for follow followers any account by gender and country

    Hi BHW, I'm beginner, I'm searching a paid website (verified) where i can auto follow a followers of any account but by gender and country Is it possible ? Thank's
  11. Tchiko

    Download photos album of restaurant in Tripadvisor

    Hello, I dont know where can i post this thread,, you can move it to the correct subject I want to download all photos of a restaurant in Tripadvisor but i'm not sure if we can do it Is it possible ? Thank you
  12. Tchiko

    Grow account with 2 Subjects

    Hi, I'm new here and it's my first topic. I've a personnal account with two principal subjects : Food and Travel I want to know if it's not problem to have two subject in one account ? How can i construct my hashtag if my picture contain differents topics (3 importants likes : restaurant...
  13. Tchiko

    Newbie here

    Hello Everyone, I am from Paris, France and i hope to learn a lot over here. Just wanted to say hi to every contributor on the forum and highly appreciate your efforts. Thank you all