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  1. stevenjoh

    Tiktok Bot feature suggestion

    hey guys, i'm currently building a web base tiktok bot, looking for suggestion of any feature u guys looking for lastly what are the prices per account monthly u think would be appropriate? i understand some would prefer one time payment, but u gotta understand there is a lot of maintenance to...
  2. stevenjoh

    Ruby on Rails Developer/Marketer looking for Ventures

    Hi there, I am a Ruby on rails developer and also a internet marketer. Worked on a few project here and there, currently have 2 projects completely automated and making money, and a few other either not making money or half way done. But 2 projects isn't making a lot of money(life changing...
  3. stevenjoh

    Paxum payouts ACH to US bank

    hey guys, i wanna switch over to Paxum for receiving commission from affiliate network due to paypal fees are extremely high. Any of u guys have any experience with Paxum? I'm based in Malaysia but i do have US bank (Bank Of America) when i was a student there, til today I'm still using it. I...
  4. stevenjoh ★ SERP Tracking ★ Local GMB Tracking ★ Free Tier Available

    Hey guys, for those who do SEO, you will need a SERP tracker. Won't write too much fancy copy. I list down all the features available. At serpfresh we provide 100% accurate SERP tracking, u can track Mobile/Desktop. You can add multiple keywords via CSV import. You can even set...
  5. stevenjoh

    ★Instagram Email lead Scraping Services ★ Get Instagram Provided Public Email

    Did you know u can get tons of leads from Instagram by searching some hashtag keyword, most of the email scraper software or service on the market only provide u email in the Bio, which will leads to tons of bounce email, and most of them are fully spammed by other marketers. Well, we’ve built...
  6. stevenjoh

    Adult Mobile Web interstitial ads and China Traffic

    Hey guys, i have an adult video streaming site, at the moment we are running some crappy standard banner ads, the rendering of the ads overlay the player make user experience really bad, we are looking for some better experience ad units like Web interstitial but for mobile web instead of mobile...
  7. stevenjoh

    Payment Processor for adult copyrighted videos

    looking for a payment processor for adult video but these are copyrighted video, any payment processor for processing such high risk payment? looking for payment processor that can support recurring payment
  8. stevenjoh

    My unlimited email leads your pro mailing service

    Looking for pro mailer anyone can help to achieve high inbox rate. at the moment we have 600k worth of email leads, we can churn out high quality emails at scale. bounce rate is < 1%, all email validated we will do revenue share, best month we achieve so far is $3,300 sales, we want to do more...
  9. stevenjoh

    [WTH] simple web apps

    hi need someone to do some simple web apps. pm me with skype id thank you
  10. stevenjoh

    Paypal Dispute form customer instagram services

    Hi, guys, i am here to ask for advice. I had this buyers who has been at least 2-3month, who constantly bought instagram services from my site such as followers, automatic likes subscription. At first, i thought he is an awesome buyer, with above average life time value. All of a sudden one...
  11. stevenjoh

    Unity, Coco2dx developer needed

    hi, i am looking for someone with experience with mobile games development. Have experience with unity, coco2dx. You will not need to develop any games from scratch or anything, basically just need some ads sdk integration, IAP set up. Will do it longterm. pm me with skype id thank you
  12. stevenjoh

    Questions about Amazon Accepted countries sellers

    Hi, i am interested into venture amazon business but my countries are not within amazon accepted countries. However, i heard people saying if u want to sell in united states, u need to have US checking bank and US credit...
  13. stevenjoh

    Need Instant Instagram Likes panel

    hi, i'm looking for instant instagram smm panel that can handle Likes as low 10Likes. Will be submitting a lot of micro Likes. The panel need to be at competitive pricing. 1k Likes Less than or equal to $2. it needs to have API to autosubmit. thank you
  14. stevenjoh

    [WTB] Instagram Comments spamming services

    Hi, i'm looking for someone who can provide me instagram comments spamming service on certain hashtag keyword. Will run a few days trial first, then will see if can work long term. Need probably 1,000-10,000 comments per day.
  15. stevenjoh

    Criteria of getting into Popular page

    What are the criteria of getting into popular page? does anyone have experience getting into popular page? i heard number followers do affect the outcome
  16. stevenjoh

    Instagram SFS BHW kik group

    Hey guys, i know instagram has been a rising trend over here in bhw. I think it would be good idea that we bhw create a group where we all bhw members we can do sfs or buy shoutouts. What do you guys think? i have 2 100k ig acc now. Looking to grow another account which is 2.3k right now. I...
  17. stevenjoh

    iOS Developer Needed for Instagram API related apps

    hi, just looking for a developer who have experience in creating Instagram API related apps. Funny story, i was in freelancer, odesk, realize there is a lot of fakers who sent me apps links they claim to create. One of them sent me the app PATH, so a startup company that have over 50million...
  18. stevenjoh

    *****Instagram & Twitter Reseller Panel: Most Reliable Provider In BHW!*****

    FAQ: Q: What is the minimum deposit of this reseller panel? A: Minimum $20 for an account. Q: What is the minimum order for Instagram and Twitter? A: Minimum 200 followers/ likes/ retweets/ favorites for each order. Q: How long does it takes to complete an order? A: Instagram followers speed...
  19. stevenjoh

    [REVIEWERS] Reviews needed for testing my Instagram and Twitter panel

    Hello guys, I'm launching a new BST in bhw soon. I need some reviewers to review my instagram and twitter services. What I'm offering is Instagram followers/likes and Twitter followers/favorites/retweets. $5 credit will be given to 10 person to test my panel and services . Thank you.
  20. stevenjoh

    [GIVEAWAY] 500 instagram followers

    Hey guys, i'm giving away 500 instagram followers for the first 15 members to reply and pm details. let me know how is the quality please note that *instagram profile need to be a public profile *pls give ur details instagram id