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  1. thetoothfairy

    Auto posting to via Rss link

    I'm trying to get my account to auto post picture from my site via Rss link option in the setting page. Have anybody here successfully make it work. I've been folllowing this article on reddit but it kinda too old...
  2. thetoothfairy

    Need help with Regex!

    Hello. I've trying to scrape this text from html with Regex for hours but sill no luck. Please some who is expert at Regex help me with this. It's very simple, so I have this text in the html : " vid_length : '789'. I want to extract only the '798' from the text. What's the correct Regex for this?
  3. thetoothfairy

    How to download from porn web site with max speed?

    Hello. I want to download porn videos in bulk from pornsite with max speed with my RDP (has 250mb+/s download speed). Is there a site that let you download with full speed? I tried a lot of sites (pornhub, xvideos ,xhamster,youporn.....) and they all limit your download speed. Is there a way to...
  4. thetoothfairy

    Question about AWS free tier vps.

    It's stated in their documents that I can only use 15GB of data transfer every month. What does this mean? Does this means that I can only download/upload with 15GB and if I exceed that amount I will be charge?
  5. thetoothfairy

    How to get rid of PV loop

    My accounts are getting PV loop. After I pved them ,they will run about 1 day or less without anyproblem and then get Pv again. How to fix this problem? Is it the proxies? I used high quality ipv4 proxies for 1 acount each.
  6. thetoothfairy

    Boku no IG + CPA journey

    Cut the crap. Here is the game plan: - OGads - Jarvee - 16 ig accounts ( + 20 accs in line,haven't warmed up) - running on my desktop (gonna get vps when i earn money) - Niche : Free Followers - landing page : custom (IG folllowers v2) Let's see how far I could get in this saturated game.
  7. thetoothfairy

    whitemobi - How to add function to call locker on click?

    Hello. I'm using Whitemobi Cpa locker for my landing page. The problem is I don't how to add call locker function in my custom landing page. Does any know how to do it?
  8. thetoothfairy

    how to register new account without phone number

    Like title. I want to register new account to reg Instagram (it works perfect for IG) but everytime after I enter the captcha thing it ask for a phone number. I search around and I see people had successfully register it in english interface but I can't change it to english. does anyone...
  9. thetoothfairy

    Is there any working Reddit Automation tool?

    Like title. I'm looking for a working Reddit Automation tool. I tried Redditdominator but the download link on their homepage is not even working, they might stop working on it. Any suggestion?
  10. thetoothfairy

    Well. I fucked up

    Just get all my IG accounts PVed because I verified all of them at once. Fuck my life.
  11. thetoothfairy

    How to sign up to Ogads

    Hey guys. I tried registering to Ogads today and got rejected. How do you guys got accepted? I tried including in the registration form that i'm from BHW and follow Deadz guide but it didn't help. Any ideas?
  12. thetoothfairy

    Jarvee. Follow block when using Embedded browser to follow

    I'm using Jarvee to automated 10 IG accs. The problem is when I leave the bot to follow using its embedded browser ,all my acocunt immediately get action blocks. But when I check the option "do not use embedded browser to follow:" then the bot can do the follow action anymore, Please help me ,IG...
  13. thetoothfairy

    Jarvee. How to get rid of follow block?

    Hello. I'm having problem with accounts getting follow block. It's aged accounts that I bought from valar. It just on warm up process but contanstly having follow blocks ramdomly. I use very light follow setting, 56 follow everyday. Do you know how to get rid of this ?
  14. thetoothfairy

    [Question] what is the trusted site to buy Google Cloud Vcc?

    I found this site Is it trustable? Have anyone purchased from this site?
  15. thetoothfairy

    Can I use image in Google in my Youtube video?

    Hey guys. I want to start a top 10 video channel and I want to use Google to find images for my video. Will it trigger copyright issues?
  16. thetoothfairy

    Will a blog rank as good as a niche site for the same keyword?

    Let's assume I have a blog and I want to rank it for a particular keyword, but a niche site is also trying to rank for it? Under the same condition, same domain metric and backlink profile. Which one would be more likely to rank?
  17. thetoothfairy

    Is there a hack bot/script that can scan a website and find hidden index file links ?

    I see people been jacking/stealing content from other ppl's salepage by finding the hidden link after purchase or its file index link. How can they find it? It supposed to have a bot or script to do it right?
  18. thetoothfairy

    [Journey] Grow 4 blog to earn 50$/day with Adsense

    Hello. I've been watching journey on this forum for almost two years now and I got to say thank you to all the amazing people on the forum who has been giving out valuable information that helped me learn everything about making money online. A little bit about myself. I'm 21 years old, collage...
  19. thetoothfairy

    Is a legit site?

    I want to buy some virtual credit card to register to Google Cloud and I found this site. Has anyone here bought from this site? Please share your exprience.