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    Article Writing Service - Pofecker Reviewed !! High quality articles at cheap prices

    Hi I am Tiffany of PLW. I just signup up with your service today and am hoping to get good service like I did in the past helping us to rank on google.
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    Convert My products of my 3dcart store to Magento

    Hello. I have a few 3dcart stores. We want to convert them over to Magento stores We would like to categories, product names, product images, prices and product options (IE size) to be converted over from the 3dcart store to a Magento store Please let me know your experience, your rate and...
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    Looking for a Couple Great Animated/Gif Banner. PM me Portfolio

    still looking for someone/company to make us banners. let us know
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    Looking for a Couple Great Animated/Gif Banner. PM me Portfolio

    Looking for someone to create me some great Animated Gif banners We have a couple websites and need a lot more banners in the next coming weeks/month. When it comes to price it all depends on the quality of your work. Please specify your price per banner, completion time and a portfolio of...
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    Website Banners and Jpeg Images Needed ASAP!!!!!!!!

    I am looking for someone who can make me Gif banners at $25/per (IE: 728X90, 160X600, etc) and Big Jpeg Banners (1000X900) for $10/per I need constant work since I own 6 websites. I currently need 3 banners and about 5-6 Jpeg images. Please let me know your Portfolio/previous work and PM me...
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    Uploading 10,000 Products to a Magento Store? Any takers??

    I need someone who can manually or thru a custom bot upload about 10,000 images, name, prices & short description. Most of these products have 1 image per product & about 1000 products have about 3-6 images per product I would like to work with a programmer or someone with a team who can get...
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    Importing 5000 Products to a New Magento Store. Any takers????

    Just got back. Checking thru all PMs now Fastest time and cheapest offers get 1st our attention more. We need this done for 2-3 websites
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    Importing 5000 Products to a New Magento Store. Any takers????

    I have Product files of Many items. Broken down into about 20 category and another 50-80 subcategories. I can create all the categories and subcategories. Some products have 5-6 images (different angles) per product page...
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    Affordable Unique Creative Designing Service That Fulfill Your Expectations (Approved)

    I am having them do a complete website design for My Magento Store (Logo, Banner sliders, smaller banners, font, color, etc.) Quoted me 4-6 days. Like his current work and will keep everyone updated. Very eager to see this work and give him future ecommerce projects.
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    Up to $300 for a Template Design? PM Your details

    still looking for someone to do this job
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    Up to $300 for a Template Design? PM Your details

    Hello. I own a couple of Magento Templates that I have purchase somewhere. I am looking for a designer that would edit the template with a unique design. These are things I need edited on the template: Create a Logo, Create 4-5 Banner Sliders, create 3-5 Small Banners, Choose Color Theme, font...
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    Need a Gif banner in less than 24 hours? Any takers

    still looking. let me know
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    Need a Gif banner in less than 24 hours? Any takers

    I need someone to make me a Gif banner containing about 5-6 different images with texts will not pay MORE THAN $25 for the banner. If its good work, several jobs follow I own 7 ecommerce sites so I always need image and website work Please PM me your portfolio and/or past work and skype...
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    Who here is in or near GuangDong, China??

    Looking for someone in or nearGuang Dong Province in China. Of course need them to speak mandarin Please let me know. I need a job in translating and possibly doing travel to someone there Payment via Paypal for your services. Must have skype and speak english fluently Hope to hear from...
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    Image Location change in Magento Theme. Need Help

    I have a Magento Site. Inside the product page, my additional images are on a image carousal. I would like my Product Page Images to appear like this example: http://www.lems shoes. com/Mens-Primal-2-Black_p_82.html (without spaces) I also need other work like theme installation, SSL support...
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    Looking for Someone who Experience in Magento. Need Things Fixed today!!

    Looking for someone who is very familiar with Magento and can help me with so issues 1. SSL installation 2. Change Prouduct Image Location 3. Installing a New Theme I would like these things done ASAP hopefully today. Payment can be made via Paypal
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    Looking for Someone Experience in Magento. Barter with Marketing/Opening E-Store.

    Hello. I own about 6 ecommerce websites. been doing it for about 10 years now. This is the 1st time I am using Magento and I am Very Lost. Looking for someone who is very familiar with Magento Shopping cart or even a Coder/Programmer. If you can show me how to do things I can assist you in any...
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    Banner Slider & Images Needed

    I hired "Chamara" after 3 weeks of looking for someone to make me slide banners. After going with 3-4 other people who provided poor workmanship, he completed a sample banner in a few hours and it was better than anything I have seen in 3 weeks I decided to hire him for the job. It took Him...